28th Field Regiment - The Cauldron, Libya 1942

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    Hi All,
    I trying to research a local casualty and although i've been generally successful i'm having trouble finding anything on the action from which he was captured and subsequently died

    CWGC statesthe 28th field reg and his will states 3/57 Field battery

    I've read the post on the 4th Field Regiment who were in the same 5th Indian Division as this briefly mentions the 28th but any further help would be greatly recieved

    cwgc details - SHARP, FREDRICK LESLIE
    Rank: Lance Bombardier Service No: 5882270 (?? - this is a Northants number, he must have enlisted in these 1st) Date of Death: 29/08/1942 Age: 28 Regiment/Service: Royal Artillery 28 Field Regt. Grave Reference 7. F. 17. Cemetery TRIPOLI WAR CEMETERY Son of Herbert Loomes Sharp and Alice Miriam Sharp, of Peterborough, Northamptonshire.

    Another question is does anyone know what the MM reference is after his number on the document shown below (doesnt feel like the medal as although referenced on 2 of his documents its not mentioned on CWGC)


    Page 1.jpg

    Page 2.jpg

    Page 3.jpg

    Page 5.jpg
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    No idea what that MM is. There is no Military Medal for him listed at Kew online. I think, looking where it's written, it's more to do with his rank?

    Out of curiosity where did you get the will from? I'm wondering if all soldiers made them and if they are in the public domain, I've never seen one before.

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    3rd/57th Field Battery was a component battery of 28th Field Regiment, RA.
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    On my phone at work just now Drew but some wills are available online for a fee
    will post link when I get home.
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  7. There is reference to 'The Cauldron' and the action that took place there with reference to the artillery in the excellent book by Tim Clayton & Phil Craig called ' The End of the Beginning' The date of the action was the 5/6 June 1942. I borrowed the book from my local library.

    ISBN (Hardback) 0 340 76680
    ISBN (paperback) 0 340 79482 8

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    The Cauldron Battle was the last part of the Crusader battle as the defeated Rommel surprisingly stormed out of El Ageila to set up the disaster at the Gazala Gallop which had 8th Army

    retreating to El Alamein- it was Rommels last victory…

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    the retreat of Gazala was the last time 8th Army moved back from anywhere for any meaningful length of time


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