26 Assualt Squadron, Royal Engineers

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    I know this unit was designated an Assault Squadron from 1943 but does anyone know what they were called before this or was the unit completely new in 1943? I'm assuming 26 Company is too simplistic.

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    26th Field Coy RE Regular; 3 Sep 1939: Aldershot; mobilized with 1st Infantry Division; relieved 28 Feb 1940 and assigned 51st (Highland) Infantry Division; relieved 12 Jun 1940 when lost in France. Reformed by Sep 1940. Assigned 24th Guards Brigade Group 21 Nov 1940; relieved 29 Oct 1942. Assigned 33rd Guards Brigade Group 10 Nov 1942; relieved 27 Sep 1943. Converted ca.. Oct 1943 as 26th Assault Sqn RE.

    26th Field Coy RE converted in October 1943 into a assault squadron RE. Redesignated 22 Apr 1945 as 26th Armoured Engr Sqn RE

    Was assigned to 5th GHQ Troops RE which converted to 5th Assault Regt RE 26 Nov 1943, which converted to 5th Armoured Engr Regt in April 1945.

    Source: RE OOB found online years ago. No idea who made it. No longer online.

    Hope this helps

  3. Drew5233

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    Perfect and many thanks :)
  4. Historic Steve

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    26 Armoured Engineer Squadron remained in Germany after VE day and joined 42 Armoured Engineer Regiment in Mar 46, redesignated 32 Assault Engineer Regiment in Jan 47 and 26 Armoured Engineer Squadron became 26 Assault Engineer Squadron again!

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