2589513 Sgt James FINNEGAN, Royal Corp of Signals

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    Service no. 2589513-Royal Corp of Signals -Motor Transport Section--Family believe he was stationed near
    Eaglesham-Scotland, and served in Egypt and Syria. Granddaughter would love to know more about him--like so many never asked when alive.
    He was Ballymena area -Cullybackey.
    Could anyone help?
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    Thank you for your help
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    Eaglesham is a village in East Renfrewshire, Scotland. A little more: Eaglesham - Wikipedia

    Eaglesham House a brief history: Mansions in Eaglesham - Portal to the Past and Eaglesham History Society Could this society help?

    There is nothing readily found that suggests there were pre-WW2 Army barracks in Eaglesham and one website (just lost) refers to Eaglesham House being the Anti-Aircraft HQ for the area. It also suggests the house was requisitioned for military use.

    Curious story about Hess and a Royal Signals No. 3 Anti-Aircraft Company @ Eaglesham: Sgt. Robert Anderson British Army No 3 Company Royal Corps of Signals The Wartime Memories Project and more: http://www.gargunnockvillagehistory.co.uk/Hess.pdf

    Note this company was a pre-war Edinburgh based reserve formation:
    See: British Armed Forces 3 September PDF Free Download

    A link to this story:
    Link: David Flint: Professor of Accountancy and university vice-principal

    Does this indicate another role:
    From a book via: The Swastika Connection

    An unproven source:
    From: Uniforms requirements - WW2 Airsoft UK

    The Royal Corps of Signals:
    From: Top military honour for Perthshire war heroes - The Courier

    The pre-war and till November 1940 this unit was responsible: 3rd Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia See: 12th Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia for details of their role and large Signals component. It was stood down in October 1942, so Sgt. Finnegan could have been transferred abroad then.
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    Thanks for all the information.
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