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    Ah, thanks. That might explain why he also had a RTR car mascot in his effects. His Rgtl number is a great start, so thank you!!


    No problem you could contact bovington tank museum in Dorset to see if they have a tracer card for him also they can supply you with a war diary , you might also like to apply for his full record from ministry of defence

    Get a copy of military service records.

    I have also done battlefield tours to Normandy to see where the 24th Lancers were but as you may know they were disbanded after 6 weeks due to heavy casualties
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    Thanks again. I wonder whether anyone can help with which Sqn he may have been in?
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    Great to hear from you. I'm currently on the ferry coming back from Normandy so obviously can't access my files. I'll check the Nominal Roll to see what his Trade was - that assumes he was with 24L in June 1944 - later this week. You may need to prompt me because this has been a phenomenal trip with lots of catching up to do!

    When did he pass away? It's not a name I remember.
    Steve Pannell
    Hon Sec 24th Lancers Old Comrades Association (until we disbanded at a rather splendid Annual Reunion a number of years ago but still trying to keep things going!)
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    ....this is one of the bits of information I should have (provided he was on the Nominal Roll effective June 1944 as mentioned in my previous post).
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    Thanks. He was born on 4 Oct 10 and died on 13 Aug 88.
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    That explains why I can't remember him. I didn't get involved with 24L until the mid 1990s. (Note: it was my late father - Dennis Pannell - who served with 24L)
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    Thanks SDP, and huge respect for what you are keeping alive. I hope your trip to Normandy was good. I went for the 60th anniversary with HQ 3 (UK) Div.
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    Ah, the 60th. I loved, and so did most of the rest, the Flypast during the Official International Ceremony when all the hangers on (apologies, Politicians) were present. Lots of planes from various Air Forces with obviously the Americans having the most.....and everyone went 'lots of planes'.....then the British turned up with the Lancaster and entourage.....and everyone went 'wow.....ooooooo......and wow again...'. Happy days. Can't beat a good bit of British 'less is more'.....
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    A slightly different "24th Lancer" ;-)


    Trying to work out on what day the 24th L might have been formed...

    The 24th L war diary has... "Appendix ‘A’ to War Office letter 20/RAC/69/AG17/A, dated 23/11/1940, stated that “Based on the assumption that two parent units (A & B) will form a new unit with nucleus of 129 WO’s, and Other Ranks – Officer i/c, RAC Records providing certain personnel."


    "On December 18th, 299 recruits were conscripted and ordered to Report. This number was later reduced to 253 through cancellations. Of these, 235 arrived on the appointed day. The remainder followed later.

    Their average age was 31 and they nearly all came from the London area.

    They appear to be very keen to become good soldiers and the reports on their training have been extremely favourable."

    Although... it also has....


    24TH Light Dragoons (To be regarded as the 24th Lancers.)

    Two Regiments only have been identified by this number. The first Regiment was raised in 1794 as an Irish Corps and, according to “Records & Badges of the British Army” by H.M.Chichester, displayed the same motto as the 17th Lancers today, that of “Death or Glory” on their Dragoon helmets. This Regiment, which had been raised and Commanded by Colonel William Loftus, was disbanded in 1802. There is a record of their uniform having been altered from blue to red shortly after embodiment.

    The second Regiment was raised originally in 1795 as the 27th Light Dragoons from drafts furnished by the 1st Dragoons, 2nd Dragoons, 11th Light Dragoons and 25th Light Dragoons. In 1804 it was renumbered as the 24th Light Dragoons.

    The uniform at this period consisted of French Grey with yellow facings. It served in St. Domingo, at the Cape and with Sir Arthur Wellesley in India throughout the Mahratta and Pindaree campaigns, Commanded by Colonel Guy, Lord Dorchester. Here it was awarded its barde, that of an Elephant (howdarless), circumscribed “Hindoostan” in commemoration of the action of Ally-Ghur, 4th September 1803 and at Dehli, 9th September 1803. In the engagement at Laswaree the Regiment particularly distinguished itself with the 6th Regiment of Native Cavalry and were mentioned in Lord Luke’s despatches. Here it incurred the following casualties:- 48 killed and wounded, (including 3 Captains) & 55 horses.

    In 1804 it became the 24th Light Dragoons and appeared to have worn a blue light dragoon jacket with light grey facings, gold lace and white breeches.

    In 1819 the Regiment returned to England where it suffered extinction in disbandment, having made its final appearance in the Army List of that year with its battle honour “Hindoostan” and the tragic words, which will always cause fighting men to shudder – “To be disbanded”.

    The following letter rang their death knell;

    “Horse Guards”

    May 4th 1819


    I have the Commander-in-Chief’s Commands to notify that the Prince Regent has been pleased to order that the 24th Light Dragoons shall be immediately disbanded.

    I have etc.,

    (Sd) Harry Calvert, A.G.
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    . Frederick William (Bill) Stebbing, eventually went to 5 RTR. In 24L he had been the driver of one of the specialist tanks issued to the Regiment. This was a Crusader Tank modified for the AA duties and armed with twin 20mm Orliekon Cannons. He sadly died in July 2020 age 96 from natural causes and not Covid-19. He did receive the Legion of Honour medal from the French Government two years before he died.
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    Lived near Poole in Dorset. I'm in occasional contact with his daughter Caroline.

    Do you have any link to 24th Lancers - Hart is a familiar surname.
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    I'm afraid not, I knew Bill from the Royal Tank Regiment Association.
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