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    I am new to this forum but have looked at it plenty of times in the past!

    I am currently undertaking a couple of searches for information.

    The first one is looking for my step-grandfather. He was Trooper Leslie James Clarke, 7927896, who was in B Squadron of 24 Lancers.

    When the 24 Lancers were disbanded the records show he was posted to X (iv) att 37 RHU on 9 August 1944. I know this is a reinforcement Holding Unit but I am not sure where he was after that.

    Most of the Troopers were posted to 23 Hussars but I don't want to go up to Kew if I can't find any trace of him!

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum Caroline.

    According to my limited records, Leslie was a Gunner/Operator in B Squadron. You obviously know the rest of the basic information and which, again, corresponds to my records.

    Do you know which Troop and Crew he was in? I am in contact with a number of 24L Old Comrades and there is a possibility that one of them will have known him. Do you have any other names to go on?

    Do you have a copy of the Disbandment List?

    As he was Royal Armoured Corps, you may get more information by contacting the Tank Museum at Bovington and asking for a copy of his Tracer Card. You also presumably need his full Service Records obtainable from the MOD.

    All for now
    Steve Pannell (Hon Sec 24th Lancers Old Comrades Association until we disbanded at a rather splendid Reunion at the National Army Museum in Chelsea in about 2007)
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  3. Casblue

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    Thanks, I do have a copy of the Disbandment List, it was in the War Diary at the NA.

    I'm afraid we don't know anymore than I put above. My Step Father has a letter which was sent to Leslie so we know he was in B Sqn.

    He never mentioned anything about the war, other than he was involved with D Day.

    I'll try Bovington.

    Thanks again

  4. SDP

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    Do you know who the letter was from? Reply via PM if you want to keep personal details out of public view.

  5. Casblue

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    Thanks, I've been in touch with Bovington & they were brilliantly fast. There is a Tracer Card and it shows Leslie was posted to the 2nd Fife & Forfar Regiment.

    The letter was from his wife in London, it was sent just after my Stepdad was born & in the envelope was a lock of hair.


  6. SDP

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    The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry were in the 11th Armoured Division along with 3RTR and 23rd Hussars which is where most, if not all, tank crews were posted when 24L disbanded.

    I'm pleased you had luck with the Tracer Card: I must get round to getting a copy of Dad's one day!

    If you need any more help just let me know. Incidentally he is not mentioned in 'None Had Lances' as I've just checked.

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