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    Anybody know of the whereabouts of the 200 field ambulance on the D-Day (other than Normandy:)).

    Trying to find out exactly where my Gt uncle was that day (I have vague ideas).

    Not sure when I am next at Kew to look at the war diaries, so any help before that would be appreciated


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  3. Tom OBrien

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    A few years late, and you may already have seen this but:

    WO177/799 – 200 Field Ambulance, 231 Brigade, 50 (N) Division

    CO.: Lt. Col. W.A. Robinson OBE

    6 June 1944 LE HAMEL
    0740 H-hour of D-Day.
    0800 Assault Secns: due to land [?] reserve coys of Assault Bns. Late in landing: sea rough: Wrong beach: enemy strongpoints not neutralised by air or sea bombardment. VLO party landed late.
    0900 C.O. landed. Casualties to our personnel – Lt. W.L. Pain missing believed drowned. Pte Bower ditto. Pte Armstrong killed: these incurred while landing.
    Casualties of Bns collected into nests. One orderly left with each nest. These were later picked up by Fd. Amb. S.B’s and taken to B.D.S. which was very late in landing (all times of landing were delayed).
    1500 Main First Tide party of H.Q. landed (three hours late), A.D.S. est M.R. 882862 (Sheet 7E/5 France 1:50,000) taking over from R.A.P. 1/Dorsets.
    1600 All cas evacuated to B.D.S. 31 F.D.S. *Beach Group) arrived and took over site prior to moving to a second site).
    1700 H.Q. ADS moved to Buhot MR 862855 (same sheet) and were receiving casualties from Lt. Secs and, later, 203 Fd Amb.


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    Thanks Tom, I hadn't seen it - should come in handy as I am doing a bit of research in to my late Gt uncle
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    Morning Steve,

    I had not seen this thread before; apologies. My interest is the 50th (Northumbrian) Division (50 Div).

    The 200 Field Ambulance (231st Infantry Brigade) were with 50 Div from circa 17 August 1943 to 12 December 1944, but I don't have much information about them. However, I thought you might be interested in this; link:



  6. Tom OBrien

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    I've got more from their war diary somewhere, probably up to September 1944. Happy to share.



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