20 British General Hospital Bayeux 1944

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    After being at 49 field dressing station in July 1944 my father was sent to 20 British General Hospital in Bayeux. Then 4 months later he was admitted to 79 British General Hospital in Eindhoven. During this period he was a driver in the RASC with the 1655 Arty Plt. Anyone know if admission records were kept so that I could find out what he was admitted for and if so where would I go to find out. Also any ideas on what 1655 Arty Plt (think that is what is written in records - bad handwriting) were doing at the time ?
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    Arty Plt will be an Artillery Platoon RASC. Its sole purpose was to carry ammunition for an artillery unit.

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    Many thanks for your swift response.
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    hello, I am in Belgium. Since years I have a german WW2 flag with inscriptions of 1655 Arty Plt. All the places from Normandy to the Baltic where they have been are painted on, also the names of some soldiers. Maybe your father on? JB

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