1943 diary - detective work needed

Discussion in 'Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy' started by Mike L, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Mike L

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    Phil, if you aren't a 'spook' perhaps you should join up!:lol:
    I guess it takes quite a lot to stun a grumpy old moose but you did it.
    Sorry Owen,

  2. englandphil

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    Chalk up another success for WW2Talk!
    Not only was it the right John Peck but his Mother, Florrie was there too.
    I think they were both a bit stunned when a complete stranger turned up with their Father/Grandfather's WW2 diary.
    It appears Nash was a RAF fireman during the war, asbestos suit etc, and later became a bus conductor and coin collector (the same thing I suppose!). Florrie remembered his 'aerographs' from Canada but had no idea how his diary turned up at the Legion. Probably turned up when his house was cleared out after his death.
    I have exchanged contact details and should be getting copies of some pictures in a little while, which of course I will post here.

    Thanks all for a very fast and successful search. It's certainly a bit quicker than the 'Mystery plaque' thread which is still ongoing!


    Mike, did you ever hear anything more on Nash ?

  3. Tom Canning

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    Fantastic thread and result
  4. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member

    Phil, rather disappointingly I haven't heard anything further from the family.
    It would have been nice to close this thread with a couple of photos and a little more background. I will leave it another week or so and then contact them again, perhaps they have lost my contact details.


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