1940 Instructions on completing War Diaries - Army Form C2119A

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    I have used the very helpful thread WW2 Commonwealth Army War Diaries, Info Thread and found the dbf transcription of Drew5233's 1944 Diary cover helpful. Despite having taken thousands of photos at TNA I have failed to take a photograph of the 'instructions on the tin' on an earlier diary than 1944.

    Can anyone confirm that these instructional words from the 1944 cover appear in a diary printed in 1940?

    'To provide information from theatres of war in sufficient detail and in such a form as to provide data upon which to base future improvements in Army training, equipment, organisation and administration. The views and constructive recommendation of commanders are welcomed for this purpose.’

    I am trying to show that a Brigadier's War Diary entry was justified, for which I think he was actually given a rocket/retired/transferred.

    Thank you.
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    I have found the answer to my own question, and of course it was elsewhere in this forum.
    It seems the format and content for War Diaries 1930-1944(?) but certainly 1940 were based on the 1939 reprint of the Field Regulations 1930. A kind soul has previously posted the relevant pages.
    Field Service Regulations Vol. I: Organization & Administration (1930, 1939)

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