17166 Bryan John FOWLER, MC, DSO & Bar, Royal Artillery

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    Brigadier Bryan John Fowler, M.C., Royal Regiment of Artillery, was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.
    Brigadier Fowler has carried out the duties of a Commander of Royal Artillery with great distinction from April 28th, 1942, to date.

    Throughout the whole period he has been indefatigable in improving the standard of gunnery in the division.

    He has had countless difficulties to contend with, but with dogged perseverance and a complete disregard of fatigue he has invariably surmounted each crisis with marked ability.

    During every operation, in the Knightsbridge area in May and June, on the Ruweisat ridge in July and August, at Alamein in October and November and beyond, with a complete disregard of his safety and frequently under heavy fire, he continually visited the most forward observation posts, giving advice and encouragement to young Forward Observation Officers.
    His devotion to duty, his determination to allow nothing to stand in the way of maximum efficiency, his invariable habit of doing “that something extra which counts,” and above all his courage in action, have always been inspiring, and an encouragement to those under his command and to all who saw him.

    Brigadier Fowler was born in Kells, Co. Meath, and his home is in Navan.

    Recommendation for Award for Fowler, Bryan John
    Rank: Temporary Brigadier
    Service No: 17166
    Regiment: Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Award: Bar to Distinguished Service Order

    Recommendation for Award for Fowler, Bryan John
    Rank: Major
    Regiment: Head Quarters Royal Artillery 1 British Armoured Divisional Royal Artillery
    Award: Distinguished Service Order

    12 October 1943
    27 March 1945
    28 August 1945

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