17 Operational Training Unit 1942

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    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me..
    Would anyone happen to have any course photos from 17 OTU at Upwood from September 1942? I'm trying to identify my Grandad's crew and his other squadron members and most seemed to come from there before being posted to the squadron. His name was Whitwell and he was a pilot. I am trying to figure out who his crew are, I have names but no photos, so I'm interested in photos of any of the trades/classes from that time. Unfortunately I don't have a course number, I just know they finished up there in September 1942.

    The crews names were:
    Pilot: Whitwell (some other names from the class could be Frankson, Paterson, Baker, Mair)
    Observer: Edgar
    Wireless Op: Johnson

    Also interested in any class photos from there between September-November 1942 as this will help me figure out who some of the other men in the squadron are. Any help or pointers on where to find them would be much appreciated!
    Thank you! :)
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    If you use Facebook, there is a group for ‘17 OTU RAF Silverstone and RAF Turweston’. Might be worth joining that as well. The move to Silverstone (I gather) may have not been until 1943, but there might be some folks there who can help. Also, there is this page which includes some course photos (but no dates): OTUs 1 - 23
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    Thanks very much for the info :)
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