16 G.(R) Military Mission?

Discussion in 'Special Forces' started by Skip, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Can anyone help me with the attached service record entry? The man concerned was Leo Gerald RICE of the SBS, later murdered by the Germans. Does anyone know what the entry for 29/01/42 might mean, i.e. what/who/where was 16 G.(R) Military Mission?



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    Maybe the Commando Veterans Association would have information on Middle East Commando attached personnel:

    Middle East Commandos

    Middle East Commando Depot was at Geneifa.Nathanya
  3. Skip

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    Cheers Wills
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  5. Skip

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    Cheers Steve. All the more interesting that Hainsworth recorded it as his first 'operational' posting ...
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    G (R) branch was originally MI (R) branch
    The Military Intelligence (Research) (MI(R)) branch of the War Office was responsible for irregular operations and GHQ Middle East Forces had their own MI (R) initially commanded by Colonel Adrian Simpson. There was much infighting between G(R) and G(Operations) branch over control of units in the Middle East. G(R) branch was the controlling office for the cloak and dagger operations in the area.
    The book Middle East Commandos by Charles Messenger deals with the organization and issues that faced special forces units in the ME
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    Orwell - Think you have hit the nail on the head. Just looked it up and it appears at the time No.1 Special Boat Section was in the middle of a struggle between G Ops and MI/G(R) as to who should control it. I would think this posting was administrative on paper only and that all the time Rice remained No.1 SBS.

    Much appreciated,

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    Hi Skip,

    I have just joined this forum after finding your post re Leo Gerard (not Gerald) Rice, who was my uncle. I'm wondering if you have his full service record and what other details you might be willing to share with me.

    I am aware of his capture and the mission they were on when this occurred, as described in John Lodwick's account in "The Filibusters:The Story of the Special Boat Service" (1947) (re-issued as Raiders from the Sea).

    Grateful for anything you can offer. Thanks!
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    I am new to this forum.

    I am researching my wife's uncle Gordon Duncan Colclough.

    He seems to have been recruited into SBS NO1 Section after returning from Crete on 1 June 1941. He joined the 16G(R) mission on 29.8.41. He was admitted to hospital in Exeter on 18.11.41.

    What was this mission? Was it the mission of Jack Smith-Hughes of the SOE and Ralph Stockbridge of MI6 as outlined in "Crete" (Beevor) ?

    Any more info relating as to where and what 16G(R) was all about would be most welcome.

    On a different tack completely, I note that in Feb 1942 his war record shows that he reverted to Private (from Corporal) at his own request. WHY?

    Thank you in anticipation

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