15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Latvian)

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  1. Ian Zirins

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    Hi everyone
    I'm looking for sources of information on this unit.
    Particularly war diaries if available.
    My father's story:
    I believe my father (Karlis Andrejs Zirins d.o.b. 20/11/1925) was conscripted into this unit in 1943/44 joining I think in Cesis, Latvia.
    By a process of elimination it looks like he surrendered to the US or UK forces in Germany (Pomerania?) in 1945, finding his way to the UK as a DP via Hamburg and Hull, finally settling in Cumberland (now Cumbria)
    I'd like to fill in gaps - he never discussed his war (understandably) but had several scars, wounds and frostbite consequences.
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  2. Harry Ree

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    Ian....this is scant information,the division was formed in 1943 as a newly created unit and was composed of both Latvians and Germans as opposed to the 2nd Division (X1X Waffen-Grenadierdivision) which was formed in 1944 and consisted of Latvians only.

    Probably the best source of the history of Waffen SS units may be from the Axis History Forum as below....
    • Axis History Forum

    The Naval &Military Press who offer specialised military books may be be another source of information....
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  3. Ian Zirins

    Ian Zirins New Member

    Thank you Harry. I am at an early stage on this research and your pointers are going to be very helpful
  4. steelers708

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    There are two excellent books on the Latvian Legion/Waffen SS units:
    Latvian Legion by Arthur Sigailis - Sigailas was a veteran and it may be possible to still get it fairly cheaply.

    Latviesu Legionari - Latvian Legionnares by Edvins Bruvelis - This book is a bilingual English/Latvian edition and contains hundreds of photos of the Latvian Legion. A CD of Latvian Legion songs is included, it was never cheap, when I got mine from the Latvian publishers it cost around £70, and it is extremely rare and hard to get hold of now but it is worth it if you can find a cheapish copy.

    images.jpg 489997._UY475_SS475_.jpg
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