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    I have my granddads army records and would really appreciate a push in the right direction please in finding out more about his army years.
    From his records I understand that he was a gunner in the 331 Coastal Battery RA based at Clacton until 8/2/43 when he was transferred to 15th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery.

    My granddad was held back for a year as he worked at Bata's shoe factory which at the time was making army boots. Unfortunately his younger brother Charlie joined up in 1939 and was sent to Burma where he was taken prisoner by the Japanese, when he eventually returned home he had TB and was sent to an isolation hospital. He was never the same, we have a photo of my great uncle in 1939 where is is young, handsome and full of life and we have another taken shortly after he came home and he looks like a much older man at just 25.

    My granddad Alf was sent to NWE on the 7/7/44 and returned home on the 14/12/44, his records say that that for this period he was with 21 army group and I have found out that the 15th medium RA was with 2nd Canadian AGRA.
    When he returned home he was sent to the Cameronians infantry, 21 Army Group and sent back to NWE from 8/3/45 to 22/6/45.

    Home: 15/8/40 - 6/7/44 for 3 years and 326 days
    NWE: 7/7/44 - 13/12/44 for 160 days
    Home: 14/12/44 - 7/3/45 for 84 days
    NWE: 8/3/45 - 22/6/45 for 107 days.
    Home: 23/6/45 - 29/6/46 for 1 year and 7 days

    I was hoping that someone would know if a war diary for the 15th medium RA was available? I have searched the NA but haven't been able to find one.

    I understand that there was a need for infantry and my Granddads 15th RA regiment was sent to fight as infantry but when I search for the Cameronians in 21 army group not much comes up, granddads records just says the Cameronians 21AG?

    Regiment: 15th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery - 21 Army Group
    Rank: Gunner
    Place: Embarked for NWE
    Part II Order: 21AG 2701/93/44

    Regiment: 15th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery - 21 Army Group
    Rank: Gunner
    Posted to x(iv) list 46 reinforcement holding unit pending transfer to infantry.
    Part II Order: 21AG 4533/143/44
    Place: Embarked for UK
    Part II Order: X/L18/45

    Regiment: x(iv)
    Rank: Gunner
    Posted to deport RA and SOS 21 AGP
    Authority 21 AGp/3777/A - period of 5/12/44.
    Part II Order: X/L18/45

    Depot RA.
    39 Reinforcement holding unit, taken on strength.

    Regiment: Cameronians - 21 Army Group
    Rank: Rifleman
    Transferred to the Cameronians and posted to draft RPAQP (?) 21 army group
    Authority WOLD/9325/1691 (AG2A) 8/2/45
    Embarked for NWE
    Part II Order: X/30/45

    Regiment: 5th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry 21 Army Group
    Rank: Rifleman
    Embarked NWE for UK.
    Part II Order: 21AG X/75/45

    We were all very close to this lovely granddad, sadly he passed away in 1980 before I was old enough to think of asking any questions, my mum and dad said that when he spoke of the war years it was about his friends not the events.
    If anyone can offer any advice it would be gratefully received.
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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Using Lee's search engine, which you might find handy for other searches, I found this entry on TNA website:
    .There is also this one also under 15 Med. Reg, the dates seem to overlap, but the description/date fields have been known to be incorrect...and diary years were often being split into Home and Abroad categories.

    .and one covering 1943 ..
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    Hi Gnr Alf
    I have the full War-Diary of the 15th Medium Regt RA, 124 & 125 Btys, if you PM me your address i will copy a disc for you.
    The 15th Med were from formation always a 2nd Canadian AGRA regt, 21st AG, 1st Canadian Army untill unfortunatly being chosen for conversion back into Infantry in Dec 1944. They were replaced by the 10th Medium Regt at this time who took over their 178 Tac No.
    They also feature in my book, The History of The 2nd Canadian AGRA 1942-1945.

    The correct diary for Jan-Dec 44 is wo171/1054
    wo171/2036 is for the Signals Section.

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    Wow, thanks very much for the info and very kind offer Rob.
    I didn't expect an answer so fast and I am very grateful to have received your help.
    I have pm'd you my details Rob, thanks again, can't wait to read it, phoning Mum now with the news :)

    Thanks again all x
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    My Grandfather-in-law was also in the 15th Medium Regiment RA leading up to, and for at least a couple of months after the Normandy landings. He was injured by shrapnel on 16/08/1944 which we understand happened around the area of the race course in Caen. I think ties in with the time line/general movements of the 2nd Canadian AGRA of which the 15th formed part of, who landed in Normandy in the first week of July and then participated in the battle of Caen before starting to push on to Verrieres Ridge. He also has had the Burma Star, but we don't know weather that was before or after Normandy, or with which regiment.

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