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    I am doing some research on Sgt HE Witham 158 Sqn who was KIA 11th March 1943, I believe he was posted along with his crew to 158 on the 4th Jan 1943. I would be interested to find out which Op he was killed on and any previous Ops his crew had completed.

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    Also, looking at the ORB, you will notice that most of the postings information relates to Officers and not NCO aircrew, and since P G Lyon was the only Officer in the crew...
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    No 158 Squadron have an active association who might be able to help.At this time in 1943,the squadron was based at Lissett,just south of Bridlington and quite close to the Bomber Command emergency landing airfield at Carnaby.


    Lissett was a one squadron airfield and I think it was the only wartime bomber squadron to be based there from February 1943 to the end of the war.The airfield is now a windpower farm with the individual generators named after aircraft and one dedicated to 6 groundcrew who lost their lives in a bomb dump explosion in 1943.

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    It would appear that Sgt H E Witham was posted to No 158 Squadron on 4 January 1943 after his HCU course with No 1658 HCU at RAF Riccall a few miles north of Selby on the A19.

    I would think as normal practice,his crew would have been with him for HCU training.
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    many thanks for the guidance, much appreciated,

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