15 OTU Wellington R1275 lost 10/14/1941 over Normandy

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  1. Lemarchand

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    Hello to all,

    I'm looking forward to know more about this crew's aircraft. In fact, about the six airmen aboard of the a/c, five of them were KIA and one survived. Here follow the crew :

    -Sgt John Charles SPRAGGE (pilot) kia
    -W/O C. L. HUMPHRYS (pilot) pow
    -Sgt Thomas John SNELL (Radio) kia
    -Sgt Ernest Ashton TREDENICK (Obs) kia
    -Sgt Peter Beresford TOMES (Nav) kia
    -Sgt Edward James WALDRON (Gunner) kia

    It's seems that the aircraft hit the ground in Normanville, close to Evreux and only one airman managed to bail out, the second pilot W/O HUMPHRYS who was taken as prisoner of war.
    Well some sources said that HUMPHRYS was Sgt and not W/O and the last name was maybe HUMPHRYS or HUMPHREY so, what is the truth ? And what were his first and second firstname (C. L.) ?

    And of course, if someone do have any documents or photos about this aircrew, it will be great.

    Thanks a lot to all in advance,

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    The spelling of his surname was off. It's actually HUMPHREYS.

    From AIR 78/81/52 at Kew.

    1308448 W/O Courtenay Leathem Humphreys



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  3. alieneyes

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    R72506 Sgt Ernest Ashton Tredenick RCAF

  4. Lemarchand

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    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for your replies and your attachements ! very much appreciated. So it's clear now to spell the surname about Humphreys and his firstname.

    Thanks again Dave.

    Well any chance to have other pic of the crew ?
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  6. KevinBattle

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    Just an observation, but it seems a little odd for a training aircraft from 15 OTU to be over Normandy, as far south as Evreux.
    Bomber Command did utilise OTU aircraft for "Maximum Effort" raids into Germany but Normandy seems strange.
    I'd expect that as a "final exercise" a crew might be tasked with mine laying near French ports, but the navigator would seem well off course to be near Evreux.
    No doubt some one will have an answer!
  7. harkness

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    First name(s) C. L.
    Last name Humphrys
    Service number 1308448
    Rank Warrant Officer
    Regiment/corps Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks
    Year -
    Prison camp or ship Kopernikus
    Camp type Stalag
    Section Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks
    Camp number 357
    Camp location Kopernikus
  8. Lemarchand

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    Thanks guys for your contribution, yes the aircraft crashed, for sure, close to Evreux.

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