147th RA Service Record found (under rock or something)

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    I have posted the following on the EYA site, but I also wanted to share this with everyone here.

    (I’ll upload the photographs as and when they come into my possession):

    Today, my mother unearthed some wonderful things.

    1.Photo of the whole of "Don" troop, 431 Battery - has "Hannover 1945" on the back (40-plus people)

    2.Photos of jeep (half-track), with "76" on it, and its two occupants.

    3. My grandfather and his gun crew, next to "Doodle Oak" his S P.
    no. t-2119-78

    4. Another group photo (approx. twenty people), written on back, "Signals and troop HQ", again "Hanover[sic] 1945".

    5. There are approximately 10-12 photographs in all, some of better quality than others.

    6. Service Record (provisional, transcribed over phone; order of content not accurate):

    Name: J T O'Leary

    Rank: Gunner

    Occupation: Estate Agent/Local Government Officer

    COND; 431 [battery] - 147 FD Regiment RA T.A.

    Driver - operator CI [wireless, I presume]

    A - F GP - 30C [Army formation group, 30 Corps??...]

    Date of short leave - OCT 44 [To attend his mother's funeral.
    Unfortunately, he didn't make it in time,
    being holed-up in hospital around Caen]

    Last priveldged leave - 19 Dec 1945

    Military conduct - Exemplary

    Testimonial -

    An excellent man. Very smart in appearance and very neat and intellignt in his work. Throughly reliable and trustworthy.

    Major W R Southworth

    Among the few papers there were, my mother also found a small, jaundiced scrap of newspaper, on the top: "Obituary, D A H Graham, 26 March 1893 – 28 September 1971", Commander of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division.

    If anyone thinks they know or know of someone would might remember my grandfather,"Doodle Oak" and its crew (Frank?), the occupants in the half-track (76), or any of the members of the T & S HQ, please reply to this post, no matter how brief or inconsequential your information may first appear. Thanks.

    (My grandfather was also put to administrative duties after the war, in Kiel, 8th Corps district. I’m not familiar with this time of his service ... any info on 8th Corps *district* - not 8th Corps, during hostilies - would be much appreciated.)

    And now to the bad news (sorry all). I cannot get at these photos and records until late Feb/early March. When I do - obviously -I shall scan them and upload them to the site. (Whatever turns up, copies thereof will be forwarded to the regimental archive.)
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    This thread is 8+ years old now but I am keen to pursue your enquiries because I think am researching the same tank crew as you, Captain Munro's OP Sherman from "D" Troop 431 Battery of the 147 Regiment, "Doodle Oak". My father was one of the signallers in this tank, and I know that Soldier O'Leary came over with the tank on D Troop's LCT on D Day, landing around H+40 mins, as I have the loading tables and other evidence. I also have some photos which you may not have seen. Would you be interested in comparing notes? Thanks Ian
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    You should start a conversation with Sherbet. He was last in this April and might still respond to a direct conversation.
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    I have also started a conversation with him in the hope he will come back on and reply.

    My grandfather served in the 147th, 431 battery, D Troop. I'd love to see some of these pics and appreciate any info people can send me.
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    If you see this message can you come back to me please.
  6. Andy Urwin

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    Hi there,

    I am researching my grandfathers time in the 147th. He was in Batter 431, D Troop. Do you have any information, pictures or anything you think could be of interest to me?


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