1459228 Gunner Stanley Gordon Roll, 59th (Anti Tank) Regiment. R.A.

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    Stanley Gordon Roll. Born, Swindon Wiltshire 1919. Enlisted Royal Artillery 26th April 1939. Served with the 59 (Duke of Connaught's Hampshire) Regiment, Royal Artillery, (T.A.) before transferring to (79 A.T.) Regiment on the 29th June 1942. Discharged 3rd June 1946.

    Roll 015.JPG

    I cannot make out the cloth badge on his sleeve. I am not sure if it is a formation sign or a R.A. grenade.

    Roll 016.JPG

    Tracer Card.

    Stanley Gordon Roll.jpg
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    It seems that he may have had an interesting war.

    Oct 41 Formed India
    Oct 41 India Command India
    Mar 42 10 Army Iraq
    May 42 Disbanded & reformed
    Jun 42 8 Army N Africa
    Sep 42 31 Indian Armoured Division Persia (Iran)
    Nov 42 31 Indian Armoured Division Iraq
    Nov 43 31 Indian Armoured Division Egypt
    Feb 44 31 Indian Armoured Division Palestine
    May 44 31 Indian Armoured Division Syria

    With thanks to Derek Barton and his amazing website.
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    I am unable to find any record of Stanley Gordon Roll having departed this life. There is evidence from electoral rolls that he was living in Southsea, Hampshire as late as 2007. It is therefore possible that he may still be alive.
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    If you are looking at the white badge near the back of his sleeve, I think its the lanyard running down the back of his battledress.

    The cap badge looks like Royal Hampshire Regt, presumably because 59th Regt. RA had converted from 6th Hants just before the war.
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    This is intriguing for a couple of reasons. He seems to have started in 59 ATk then moved to 95 ATk in April 42 in N Africa and then on to 79 ATk in June 42. The photo is presumably 1939-42 and the cap badge appears to be 6 Battalion The Hampshire Regiment which is fine except Litchfield (THE badge expert) says that this badge was not worn until c1951 when it had become 383 Light Regt RA. The badge on the sleeve should be the formation sign, in this case 43 Inf Div which had a yellow griffin on a blue square, it looks nothing like this badge.
    My best guess at this stage is that Litchfield was wrong & the 6 Btn Hampshires badge was worn on conversion to RA. Travers suggestion of the sleeve device being the lanyard is most feasible. If it is a sleeve badge it may be a regimental device as numerous regiments wore these both officially & unofficially. See the insignia pages on my site for examples of these: Unit Dress Insignia
    Do you have any more info/photos?
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    Copy of attestation, he is not mentioned on casualty lists.
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    Yes, I think that you are right. I am clearly over thinking this.
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    The back of the photograph would suggest that Lichfield is mistaken. (The pencilled annotations are mine).

    Roll 011.JPG
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