14571993 Pte Thomas H Viner East Lancs Regt

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    I'm currently trying to find any information on the above soldier, POW number 70691 at Stalag XII-D. I believe he was 5th Battalion East Lancs Regt but I can't confirm this. I think his service number gives him a joining date of approx late 1942 and he should have been 17/18 years old at this point.

    Any signposting to information on Pte Thomas Viner, his capture or confirmation of his unit and their activities in 1944 would be appreciated.
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    Hope this helps.
    THV1.jpg THV2.jpg
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    That's awesome thank you. I suspected he was 5th Battalion but couldn't remember why I'd thought that or where I may have seen it.

    Thank you very much Ozzy
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    Time and time again, I’m amazed how quickly people here can unearth information!

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