137039 Captain Ian JACK, 2nd Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

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    His real name is James Aikman Cochrane.
    He says in the front of the book he has never been called anything else but Peter.
    Haven't found anything about him dying yet hopefully he is still alive .
    He & his wife had their 65th wedding anniversary back in 2008.
    COCHRANE 65th Wedding Anniversary James Aikman Cochrane (Peter), DSO, MC and Louise Booth Morley September 14, 1943, at St Mark's, North Audley Street, London
  2. Thanks Owen, my older brother lives in Edinburgh and I have tasked him with tracking down Peter and/or his wife.
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    This is what I can tell you.

    On 19 Mar 44, the War Diary reported that:

    ‘The enemy were more active today than they have been on any day since our arrival in the front line on March 3rd’.

    2 CAMERONS, including BHQ and A Coy in reserve, were harried all day by German mortars, Nebelwerfers and artillery. Unfortunately, US artillery firing in support of the diversionary attack up the Cavendish Road dropped shells short and onto B and C Coys causing serious casualties. Four were killed and four were wounded. Capt I Jack was one of the wounded. He was wounded in the leg and later died of wounds in Caserta. C Coy lost its reserve ammunition and all three forward Coys lost their reserve rations in the shelling. 14 Left Out of Battle troops arrived with the rations and went forward to reinforce B and C Coys.


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    His wife Louise died aged 93 in 2012, she wrote Rag Tag and Bobtail which was shown on BBC Watch with mother programme in the 50's.
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    2nd Camerons Italy late 44. Major Cochrane 4th from right front row.

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    Ian, I hope the attached might help your brother get a hold of Mr. Cochrane for you. There are no death entries for him at the Scotlandspeople website and their records are up to 2014.

    With a bit of luck you should be able to locate him by cross referencing the BT phonebook entries and the Electoral Rolls held by either 192.com or at findmypast website.

    Findmypast give a free 14 day trial period.

    Did your father have any other christian names Ian? His death should be recorded in the minor records section on the Scotlandspeople website, but the only 35 year old recorded in 1944 was called Sam Jack.

    Have you applied for your fathers Army record?

    All the best Ian. I hope you find out lots more about your father. Regards Maria

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    The other option is to contact the Regimental HQ of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

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    Ian Jack was in C Coy and I know exactly where C Coy were deployed on 19 Mar 44. I am up on Snakeshead Ridge on Sunday so will go and have a look at the spot. The American guns were firing in support of II (NZ) Corps in the Third Battle of Cassino and it was common for their long barrelled guns to clip the ridge. Higher trajectory guns like howitzers were much more accurate in mountains but there were not always enough of them. In addition, the equipment was worn out so it was common for artillery rounds to land in the wrong place.


  9. Many thanks to so many of you for your thoughtful and useful responses. I think my father was christened John but for some reason was always known as Ian. Somewhat similar to J.A. (Peter) Cochrane. What a shame that Peter's wife Louise died, I have letters from both of them to my mother from 1944. My nephew in Edinburgh thinks that Peter may be housebound in the Marchmont area with a possible church connection. So I may have to make a visit to Edinburgh very soon. I'm in the Alps doing some geophysics.
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    I popped in to Caserta this afternoon. It was a wonderful day and the place was immaculate.

  11. Post-script: Peter Cochrane's daughter alerted me to the story of Vojtek the bear who also served at Cassino by carrying ammunition. If you google Vojtek bear you'll find some interesting and amusing history in wikipedia and also some amzing old wartime movies on youtube.
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    My name is Richard Jack and my father (William Jack) was your father's brother who fought with the Lanarkshire Yeomanry at the same time as Ian. I have come across this link while reading a book by Matthew Parker on Monti Cassino and have just joined the link in the hope of making contact with you. I have done a bit of research on my family tree and I visited your dad's grave in 2010 while on holiday in Italy. I believe you have a son and two daughters but I have never managed to make contact with any of you.
    I know my father tried to make contact with Ian in 1944 and by a cruel twist of fate I understand he being a driver was taking a wounded man to Caserta hospital and did not realise that Ian was in the hospital at the time.
    I have a letter from your mother Dorothy to my mother informing of Ian's tragic death.
    Hopefully we can speak
    Best regards
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    rather late to your thread, but I thought that i would add the following pages from the war diaries of the 2 Camerons. I don't have Cochrane's book, so I'm not sure if it goes into some detail about Captain Ian Jack regarding the 19.03.44? Nice one Charley Fortnum for sending me the war diaries of this battalion. What a horrible month for the OR'S. Richard, I do hope you get in contact with Ian. Click on images if required.. Edit, this gives some more info re Frank's post 28.

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    I have a copy, but it's in the wrong continent. I'll have a look at the start of April!

    I've posted that map once before. Somebody wanted to know about a man wounded and we were able to show him the probable location and the R.A.P. he would have likely have passed through--very useful.

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