132nd (Welsh) Field Regiment, RA (TA) (78th Division Royal Artillery)

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    Having dipped in and out of this site I thought I'd turn to it in the hope that someone could help me.

    I've been going through a number of gallantry award citations from the Sicily campaign and have had a few problems in identifying some of the recommending officers.

    I've attached an image of two signatures from the recommendation for an Immediate Military Cross for Lieutenant (Temporary Captain) (172451) John Michael Jennings of 132nd (Welsh) Field Regiment, RA (TA) and if anyone could help me identify them I'd be most grateful.

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    Happened to come across your old post whilst reading Algiers to Austria by Cyril Ray, the history of the 78th Division. The Commander Royal Artillery during Sicily was Brig. M. W. Denham (12.6.43 to 21.2.44),and the Commander of 132 Field Regiment was Lt.-Col. J.T.G Palmer. As the award was immediate it would seem likely that these are the signatures?

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