124488 David Carol MacDonell MATHER, MC, MiD, Welsh Guards

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    Personal Number: 124488
    Rank: Captain
    Name: David Carol MacDonell MATHER, MC, MiD
    Unit: Welsh Guards

    London Gazette : 2 April 1940
    The undermentioned Cadets, from Sandhurst and 163rd Officer Cadet Training Units, to be 2nd Lts. 23rd Mar. 1940:—
    W. G'ds.
    David Carol MacDonell MATHER (124488).

    London Gazette : 24 June 1943
    Foot Guards
    W. G’ds.
    Lt. (temp. Capt.) D. C. MacD. Mather (124488)

    London Gazette : 21 December 1944
    War Office, 21st December, 1944.
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe: —
    Military Cross
    Lieutenant (temporary (temporary Captain) David Carol MacDonell Mather (124488), Welsh Guards (London, S.W.I5).

    London Gazette : 2 August 1946
    W. G'ds.
    2nd Lt. (War Subs. Capt.) David Carol MacDonell MATHER, M.C. (124488), from Emerg. Commn., to be Lt., 3rd Aug. 1946, with seniority, 21st June 1941.

    London Gazette : 27 September 1946
    W. G'ds.
    2nd.Lt. (War Subs. OLt.) David Carol MacDonell MATHER (124488) from Emerg. Commn., 3rd Aug. 1946, with seniority 3rd July ,1941. (Substituted for the notifn. in Gazette (Supplement) dated 2nd Aug. 1946.)

    London Gazette : 6 January 1953
    Capt. D. C. MacD. MATHER, M C. (124488), to be Maj., 3rd Jan 1953
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    Thanks dbf for raising this
    On the bare bones of the above, here's some extracts from Wiki to flesh out the man
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    Aftermath of War: Everyone Must Go Home, 1992

    When the Grass Stops Growing, 1997

    Private Papers of Sir Carol Mather MC
    Category: Private papers
    Related period: Second World War (content), 1945-1989
    Creator : Mather, David Carol Macdonell
    Dimensions: Box: 4.8
    IWM Catalogue number: Documents.17403

    Montgomery Ancillary Collection: Sir Carol Mather
    Category: Private papers
    Related period: Second World War (content)
    Creator: Montgomery, Bernard Law
    Dimensions: whole: 1 file & 1 microfilm reel
    IWM Catalogue number: Documents.19633
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    He was the LO from Montgomery's HQ who visited HQ 1st US Army after the German Ardennes offensive started. Graphic descrition of chaos.
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    8 Reels

    Mather, David Carol Macdonell (Oral history)

    Object description
    • British cadet at Royal Military College, Sandhurst, GB, 1939-1940;
    • officer served on ski training with 5th Bn Scots Guards in France, 1/1940-3/1940;
    • served with Training Bn, Welsh Guards in GB, 3/1940-7/1940;
    • served with 8 Commando in GB and North Africa, 1940-1941;
    • served with GHQ Liaison Sqdn and Special Air Service in North Africa and Middle East, 1941-1942;
    • served as staff officer to General Montgomery in North Africa, 10/1942-11/1942;
    • POW in Italy, 1942-1943;
    • served with 2nd Bn Welsh Guards in GB, 1943-1944;
    • served as staff officer with Tactical Headquarters, 21st Army Group in North West Europe, 1944-1945;
    • served with 2nd Bn Welsh Guards in Palestine, 1945-1946

    Content description
    1. REEL 1 Background in GB, 1919-1939: family origins; training with OTC at Harrow School and at Cambridge University; anticipation of coming war, late 1930s; visit to Cambridge by Winston Churchill, 1938; memories of General Bernard Law Montgomery; Montgomery's relations with officers and other ranks. Aspects of period at Royal Military College, Sandhurst, 1939-1940: character of course; background of company commanders and cadets; emphasis on motor transport; expectations of trench warfare. Period with 5th Bn Scots Guards in France, 1940: reasons for volunteering for unit to fight in Finland; officers who reverted to ranks; question of use ski battalions could be used.
    2. REEL 2 Continues: question of growing professionalism in British Army; lack of many officers who couldn't shoot and cook. Period with Training Bn, Welsh Guards in GB, 1940-1941: reasons for joining unit; training at Colchester; invasion scares, 1940; contrast between Scots and Welsh Guards; life in training battalion. Aspects of period with 8 Commando in GB and North Africa, 1940-1941: reasons for joining commandos; character of early training; lack of need to impose discipline; landing exercises on Isle of Arran; move to Canal Zone, Egypt; reasons for cancellation of operations; state of unit morale; initial impressions of Egypt; move to Tobruk and abortive attempt to raid on Italian headquarters at Gazala; opinion of training in Canal Zone.
    3. REEL 3 Continues: recreation in Canal Zone; disbandment of his unit. Aspects of operations with GHQ Liaison Sqdn in North Africa and Middle East, 7/1941-5/1942: memories of David Stirling; description of Lewis bomb; character of first operation; recruitment to unit; driving in desert; navigational techniques; maintenance and repair of vehicles; character of operations in desert; clothing worn; health problems; role simulating signals traffic at Jarabub Oasis; nature of communications; overrunning of Headquarters, 4th Armoured Bde at Sidi Rezegh; chaotic situation after action; reason for move to Palestine and Syria, 3/1942; character of work on Turkish frontier; detention for crossing Turkish border; road communications on border.
    4. REEL 4 Continues: political consequences of unit incursion into Turkey; attitude of Vichy French; security situation in Palestine; situation in Middle East. Recollections of operations with Special Air Service in North Africa, 5/1942-12/1942: reasons for joining Special Air Service, 5/1942; base at Kubrit; attacks on Axis airfields and communications; organisation of unit jeeps; plan for mass attack Axis airfield; reasons for delayed arrival at target; character of attack; loss of one jeep; Free French contingent; question of fatigue; use of Benzedrine; attitude to operations behind El Alamein lines; memories of David Stirling's style of leadership, Montgomery's attitude to David Stirling.
    5. REEL 5 Continues: Axis counter-measures against Special Air Service operations; Hungarian spy assisted by Egyptians; air supply drop in Qattara Depression; question of tanks being a liability in planned attack on Benghazi; lack of security of planned attack on Bengahazi; lack of experience of some recruits; attitude towards Egyptians; maintenance of morale on journey from Kaga to Kufra; running out of petrol; threat from Italian Air Force on withdrawal from Benghazi. Recollections of period as liaison officer to General Montgomery, 10/1942-11/1942: Montgomery's method of improving morale on arrival in Cairo; Montgomery;'s insistence on 'thinking time'; Montgomery's daily routine; use of massed artillery.
    6. REEL 6 Continues: Montgomery's aim at El Alamein; effects of air superiority; relations between Montgomery, Coningham and Tedder; Tedder's character; Montgomery's character; question of pressure from Churchill; clashes between Montgomery and Lumsden; question of problems using armoured forces in deep mine fields; opinion of Lumsden; crisis between Montgomery and Lumsden; Lumsden's attempts to avoid contact with Montgomery; Lumsden sceptical attitude towards Montgomery's plan.
    7. REEL 7 Continues: Montgomery's criticism of British lack of preparations and professionalism; significance of Battle of El Alamein. Aspects of period as POW in Italy, 1942-1943: Italian use of stool pigeon; POW mentality in PG 43; information obtained from Italian newspapers; Italian attitudes, 8/9/1943; escape from camp; orders from British Senior Officer. Period with 2nd Bn Welsh Guards in GB, 1943-1944: impressions of GB, 1943; training with unit near Pickering; role and equipment of unit; role and duties. Recollections of operations as liaison officer with Tactical Headquarters, 21st Army Group in North West Europe, 1944-1945: Montgomery's speech to senior officers; importance of moral component; US personnel's attitude towards liaison officers; organisation of Tactical Headquarters; security of headquarters; threat from snipers; landing in Normandy, 7/6/1944; choice of Creully for headquarters; reaction to Russians serving in German Army.
    8. REEL 8 Continues: Montgomery's view of De Gaulle and Leclerc; civilian attitudes in Normandy; role and duties in Normandy; character of Montgomery's operations in Normandy; question of objectives of Operation Goodwood; relations between Montgomery, Patton and Bradley; question of intelligence before Operation Market Garden; problems of timing during Operation Market Garden; question of potential of German success in the Ardennes, 12/1944; threat from German infiltrators in US uniforms; response of Tedder to Montgomery taking control during Ardennes; wounding, early 1945. Aspects of operations with 2nd Bn Welsh Guards in Palestine, 1945-1946: re-joining unit; role of unit; concentration on illegal immigration duties and anti-insurgent operations; deployment in Palestine; lack of resources; attitude of troops.
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    Catalogue number: E 20084
    Object description: Two members of 1 SAS , Captain D C Mather MC, Welsh Guards and Captain G Alston, Royal Artillery (nearest camera) in a heavily loaded jeep.

    Catalogue number: B 11108
    Production date: 1944-10-15
    Object description: Original wartime caption: Capt. D.C.M. Mather receives the M.C.

    Catalogue number: B 11322
    Production date: 1944-10-26
    Object description: Original wartime caption: 8. Maj. J.W. Poston, MC. Col. J.O. Ewart, OBE. Capt. D.C.M. Mather.
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    Do you have data on the other "Personal Liaison Officers" who served with Carol Mather? My father, Major Edward R. Prisk was one of the two American Infantry officers that served with Carol Mather. The other American was Major Maurice Frary. Any information you have on Major Richard Harden, Major Peter Earle, Major John Poston,
    Major John Sweeny and the orthers would be appreciated.
    Col. Gary R. Prisk, US Army retired
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    This book would suit you:


    There is a useful chapter in here:


    And this has sketches and a number of photographs:


    I don't have a copy of this one, but the author was a liaison officer with the Yanks.


    There is also one section of this book from another L.O.

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