12 KRRC - change in armament of Support Coy, March 1945

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    While updating my website regarding the various War Establishments of the Motor Battalion, I was reminded of an unusual change seen in the armament of 12th Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps, as part of 8th Armoured Brigade. This came very late on, during March 1945, and is described in brief in 'Monty's Marauders' by Patrick Delaforce, Chapter 23, page 212.

    "Lt Colonel Bill White arrived to take command of 12th KRRC just as 'D' Company disappeared and was born again. Out went the useful dozen 6-pdr anti-tank guns and in their place came a platoon of 4.2" mortars and six SP 17-pdr anti-tank guns". I presume D Company retained its old letter when it became Support Company?

    The six M10s do show up, although briefly, under 8th Armd Bde on the AFV returns as of 24th March and 31st March, 1945, then disappear until the return for 28th April 1945. I've always remembered the six M10s but forgot the 4.2-inch mortars until looking back at old notes, though there's no indication of how many of the mortars were added.

    I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on how the unit managed to acquire these extra weapons, particularly the M10s, would would be well outside of the G1098 of any infantry unit. I suppose the most likely place to find an explanation would be the war diary, though I did wonder if that gives anymore detail than the above quoted passage does!


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