113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, The Royal Artillery. Following their journey through Europe

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    What a fantastic post. The diary is particularly fascinating, which I shall read in full later. My Grandfather was in the 113th and I thought I would see if I could find out exactly when and where he was especially with D-Day very much in the news.

    I always remembering him saying they were frustrated not to be in the invasion action earlier - but they made up for it later. He was a commercial signwriter before/after the war and upon the liberation of Belsen he produced all the signs to inform the world of the camp via the cine films made.

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    Fabulous - I was able to locate my Grandfather's movements. He always said around D-Day they all just wanted "to get off that bloody boat!" He was onboard for days - in the post D-Day storm, anchored around Juno and Sword, with food supplies dwindling - although who was eating in Force 6 and 7 storms? Could I please ask if you have 27th and 28th June, which seems to be missing from the diary.
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    I've checked the file. I must have missed a page. My apologies.
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