11 Field Coy., ROYAL ENGINEERS, Guards Armored Division (30th Corps): 4/9/44

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    I'm a real novice at finding war diaries and more so about the Royal engineers. I live in Brussels and doing some research into 3 solders who died on the 4/9/44 and im trying to locate the war diary and help would be great they were part of Royal Engineers 11 Field Coy.

    They have been made sons of a small village in Belgium and have special graves made for them by the village and this was written
    three Englishmen on board a caterpillar (Weasel probably) going down the chaussée d'Hondsocht ask Georges Vossen, the direction (Waterloo or Br le chateau). Vossen warned, still German soldiers in the vicinity, did not heed the warning and set off. A German tank pushing the caterpillar in the canal with its occupants. They tried to swim away and were shot by the Germans.


    I have also attached a copy of one of the solider IMG_20190816_113314v01-.gif CWG info
    Casualty Details | CWGC

    Any assistance in how to find the war dairy would be fantastic
    all the best rob
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    Have you tried the RE Library at the Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham Kent or the RE Museum which is co located at the same site. They have many war diaries WW1 and WW2.
    Mick Norton <micknorton1944@gmail.com>

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