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    This thread is a precursor to 78 and 692 Inf Fld Wks.

    The 10th Army Ordnance Workshop RAOC was formed on the 25th June 1942 at Aldershot from 51 Section RAOC Officer commanding R H B Candow.

    My Father Ted Ashby joined the unit in the second draft from 51 Section RAOC on the 7th July 1942 and the unit as a whole transferred to REME on the formation of that Corp in October of that year just before sailing for North Africa.

    The war diary is rather light on detail, however significant moves and events are recorded, this is in frustrating contrast to the unit diaries for 78 and 692 that are packed full of detail. That said the confusion and frustration caused by an unscheduled change of port from Algiers to Bone and the subsequent inability to unload unit transport and the loss of stores as a result of constant air attack is very evident and comes through loud and clear.

    The unit moves eventually to an unknown location at Ghardimou and sets up the workshop unfortunately details of work carried out and for which units are not forthcoming. It is very noticeable how the level of reporting and depth of detail in the diaries improves after the end of the Tunisian campaign one thing that is recorded almost daily however is the weather!.
    Attached is the condensed movement diary for the unit that I have constructed using a similar format to the one I produced for 78/692 using the unit diaries (black font) and personal sources (in blue font as before).
    As always comments additions, corrections and observations are welcomed

    View attachment Movement diary for 10th Army workshop.xlsx
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