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Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by Deuce, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Deuce

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been trying to research my Grandfather's war record but have become a bit stuck and i'm hoping someone can help.

    My Grandfather was a Stevedore in the 1010 D.O.C and he served in N.Africa between 23/10/1942 - 03/07/1943, when his record states he went to Operation Husky from the MEF

    There is no mention after this of where he went in Sicily/Italy and it is not mentioned in the campaign summary of his record. However, in the medal section he was awarded the Italian Star!

    Hoping somone can tell me where about he may have served, although I appreciate this was not a front line unit.

    Also, the record states he was 'Passed T.T Classified Stevedore Group D.C. II on 12/07/1940. Does anyone know what this means? :confused:

    He was a part of N01 Stevedore Battalion which had just returned from France during this time

    Thanks in advance

    Deuce :D
  2. Drew5233

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Have you considered checking the units war diaries?

  3. Oldman

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    As Andy says get the war diaries for 1010 D.O.C, they would have been involved in one of the major ports so take a look at Bari in Italy a lot of supplies came through this port, Naples is another.

    Also in Sicily look at Catania
  4. Oldman

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    Further to my post #3 the unit was also involved along with other dock operating companies in an incident where a ship was sunk killing a large number of men on the 17 June 1943.
    Unfortunatley I do not know the ships name but I am sure a fellow member will provide the information for you.
  5. Oldman

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    1010 Dock Operating Coy were on board the Yoma when it was torpedoed between
    Tripoli and Alexandria 450+ died, most of the soldiers are commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial.

    They served at Syracuse on Sicily and at Bari in Italy for further info get a copy of the war diaries.

    Oops bad manners forgot to welcome you on board the forum
  6. Deuce

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    Thanks for the help and info guys

    Oldman, can i ask where you found out about 1010 DOC serving in Syracuse and Bari?

    Thats what i've been struggling to locate!
  7. Oldman

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    I cannot recall where I read the info, but my father was in the RE's Field Squadron and whilst searching for his path through Sicily and Italy you find other info
    out and sometimes it sticks.
    I was interested in Bari because of an American ship that was carrying Chemical weapons that got hit so it would have possibly been in context with that incident.

    My advice is get the war diaries from the National Archieves I beleive you need to look WO 170 series
  8. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

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