1-76 Milicast 38 Ton M6 High Speed Tractor with 240mm M1 Howitzer Barrel and M2A1 Cannon Transport

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    Roughly 6 months ago, I was inspired by an article in MAFVA's Tankette magazine by Dick Harley regarding the M6 High Speed Tractor in British Service. They were used by the Super Heavy Regiments to tow the 8" Gun and 240mm Howitzers in two loads due to their weight. Being British artillery I just had to have a go and decided to do it as a master for Milicast with Tom Welch's/Iain Murray's collaboration. I recently received the first off's of the Tractor and the 240mm Barrel with its dedicated Transport Wagon so here are a few photos. The masters for the Carriage with it's Transport Wagon are in the post to Milicast so more later hopefully. Dick Harley, Les Freathy, Dave Rhodes and Pete Marshall of Aleran were all helpful with plans, photos, decals, etc. and my thanks to all of them. The figures are Milicast RE types remustered to RA. So, here it is marked for the 3rd Super Heavy Regt. RA - 9th AGRA in Belgium 1945.


    Neil 20180916_134717.jpg 20180916_134735.jpg 20180916_134758.jpg 20180916_134851.jpg 20180916_132927.jpg 20180916_131046.jpg 20180916_131146.jpg 20180916_134839.jpg
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    great work Neil thank you for posting

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    Hmmm - I would almost agree but there are some areas of roadside grass that are not quite right for me :-P so I can only give it a 9.999 out of 10 :lol:

    Nice one Neilie

    TD - look me up in the book under Tatiana Desparado if you need to
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    I want one.

    I will casually show the photos to her indoors and wait for Christmas to come.

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    Thanks Clive.


  6. Neilie

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    I'll take the 9.999 thank you very much.


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    Have you been a good boy this year? :D Glad you like it and that you want one.
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    Another tremendous diorama, certainly put my old school boy efforts, to shame :D
    Look forward to seeing others.
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    Thank you James for the kind comment...…..I guess my old schoolboy efforts just kept up and I was fortunate to reach a reasonable level of proficiency.


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    I got one.

    Thank you Santa.

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    Well obviously you were a very good boy and deserved it:D and if you are good again this year, you might get the gun carriage as well!!

    Merry Christmas Mike!!


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