1/76 Matchbox M19 with Milicast Sherman M4

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Neilie, Dec 4, 2021.

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    I have finally beaten this one into submission having had a lovely time with paint crazing under Tamiya Clear and Dull TS varnishes.... thank God for "mud and dust". It was based upon a well known photo of the M19 of the 1st Cd. Armd. Bde. Workshop with an Ontario Regiment Sherman on board that had taken an A/T round through the lower left side and exiting just above the tracks on the right side. So, here it is finished and it is the Matchbox M19/ Milicast Sherman both upgraded. The figures are mainly Milicast with the tanker being an AB figure. Many thanks to Dick Harley for his input on the Sherman, Mike Starmer for the colour scheme detailed below and Pete Marshall for decals and the M19 kit. Also Peter Merritt was kind enough to print and send me a lovely set of PzKfw Mk IV tracks to complete the Diamond T and my profound thanks to him.
    It is finished in a recently discovered but well documented scheme utilized by the Canadian 1st Inf. Div. and 1st Armd. Bde. prior to embarking for Sicily. It's base colour is #4 Stone which is a lighter yellower brown than SCC2 but darker than the usual Lt. Mud and having the disruptive black lobes on the lower surfaces only.

    T-147505 on an M19 of the 1st Cdn Armd Bde Italy 1944.jpg 20211203_150236.jpg 20211203_150245.jpg 20211203_150323.jpg 20211203_150429.jpg 20211203_150447.jpg 20211203_150544.jpg
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    Truck with tracks? ... A halftruck :unsure:
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    I was just about to mention the tracks but Stolpi got in first. Overall tracks were standard on British 6 X 4. All 3ton 6 X 4 carried them on the running boards. The Scammel 6 X 4 was issued with them. There are very few pictures of these tracks in use. In N.Africa and Italy tank tracks were fitted to the Diamond T which otherwise depended on lots of ballast in the body to give grip.

    Nice model of an unusual version.

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    Perhaps it is time to produce a book of photos of your models, together with the thorough research that goes into their making. It would be a very useful reference, not only for modellers.

    Could all your post of models be gathered into one place on the forum. I refer to them often.

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    Just go to Neilie 's profile. click on his post count & get a list of his threads

    Search Results | WW2Talk

    Or do a search when in the modelling forum , search member 'neilie' & tick 'this forum only'

    Search Results | WW2Talk
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    That is what I do. I was thinking of making them more readily available to the lazy and inept (like me).

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    Neil excellent work as ever

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    Thanks to all of you for your very kind comments and Mike I'm flattered that you think my work worthy of a book or a central depository. I used to put them all on Flickr but haven't for about the last year. As Owen said I guess they are available here through a post search. I'll see what else is possible but I think a book is out of the question at this point.


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    Fantastic work. I am so jealous that I stopped modeling years ago. I really like seeing the actual photo that was used as a model for your model!
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    Thanks dryan67......but don't give up....just stick at it and you will improve, believe me!
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    You can make them straight from the box with no extra detail & still enjoy it.
    I could have added extra details but I didn't on this 4 tonner (& Landies) from years ago.
    Get yer kits out.

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