1/76 Heavy Plant Equipment

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  1. Neilie

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    Here are a couple of models I did over the last few months in 1/76. The first is a scratch-built FWD SU-COE 16 Ton semi trailer with a D7 Angledozer on board of the 1st Mechanical Equipment Coy RCE - 1st Canadian Army in France 1944. All was scratch-built including the dozer but the cab and wheels were provided by a friend.
    The second model is a Milicast Scammell R100 with a scratch-built trailer and a modified Corgi Diecast Ruston Bucyrus 19RB Excavator of a Mechanical Equipment Coy RE - 21st Army Group also in France.
    I hope you like them.



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  2. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA Patron

    Fantastic work!
  3. ploughman

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    Looking at the Dozer.
    To me an Angle Dozer would have an adjustable blade to enable Angling.
    This would need some form of Pin connection on the sidearms to enable the side to side adjustment. As I used to have to do when using an old D6C.
    A Bull Dozer would be set up as in the model with straight side arms.
    Hydraulic rams or screw links on the sides to the blade top tilt the blade but not angle it.


    Or have I got it wrong?
    Excellent models though.
  4. CL1

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    Well done Neil
  5. Mike L

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    Great looking models Neilie, difficult to believe you scratch built the first one.
  6. Neilie

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    Thanks all for the great comments and Ploughman, the model is based upon the Hydraulic Angle Blade system used on D7's. I have a link to a diagram of it but unfortunately, I can't copy and paste a link into this format on this site although you seemed to be able to do it.
    If you give me your email through a private message, I will gladly send you the link.
    Thanks for your input.


  7. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin


    Wonderful Scratchbuiling. Top Notch modelling :)

  8. Rob Dickers

    Rob Dickers 10th MEDIUM REGT RA

    The usual great standard Neil ;)
    Well done again mate!
  9. Bernard85

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    good day neilie.m.yesterday.02:52pm.re:1/76 heavy plant equipment.great models.thank you for sharing.excellent photo's.regards bernard85
  10. Neilie

    Neilie Member

    Thank you Tom, Rob and Bernard for your very kind comments. They are much appreciated.



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