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    Today, I completed a couple of little vignettes. The first is a Milicast 1/76 Diamond T969 Medium Wrecker in Canadian service with the 4th Cdn Inf Bde Coy RCASC as appeared in the Netherlands in 1944. It is mainly built OOB but I did re-build the booms, scratch-built a short towing bar and mounted a vice on the front bumper. Chain and fine wire rigging was also added. Some stowage from the spares box was added to the body as well as a Dan Taylor figure who is enjoying his lunch set out on a ration box.

    The second is a scratch-built Mack NM 6 Ton GS towing a Milicast 5.5" Howitzer as used by the 3rd Med Regt RCA 1st Cdn Army in France in 1944. The cab and wheels were mastered by Richard Allebone and cast by Les Freathy and the grill was created in PE by Ilian Filipov. Dave Rhodes who did the master for Milicast provided the gun and Pete Marshall (Aleran) did the decals for both models. The figures are Dan Taylor with the exception of the kneeling figure which is a modified Preiser.
    My profound thanks to all these fellow modelers for their generosity.
    My research showed theat the 3rd Med Regt received the Mack NM's to replace their FWD's in February 1944 taking them to France with them in July of that year. I'm not sure why they would have replaced the FWD's as they weren't all that old.

    I hope you enjoy the photos and next up is a Mike Simpson inspired CMP C60L 3 Ton GS.



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  2. Za Rodinu

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    More beauties from you, I really enjoy seeing your work. And you were well served by your friends, which reflects upon you and them, so you derive double pleasure from the hobby.
  3. CL1

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    Neil excellent work as usual
    thank you for posting

  4. Neilie

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    Thanks Miguel and Clive for your positive comments. I'm glad you both enjoy my models.


  5. Trux

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    Thanks from me as well. I have run out of superlatives and don't like repetition.

    I particularly like the wrecker gear and the rigging on the Diamond T. Very fine detail and fiddly work. I notice that 42 people have downloaded the photo of this gear. Are they all going to make one?

  6. Tricky Dicky

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    No Mike, we just look at the fantastic models and craftsmanship, and then as you say run out of superlatives for Neil's work :), and then think there is no way I could make that in such detail :(

  7. Neilie

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    Thanks Mike for your approval and the inspiration you have created with all the models and booklets you have produced. Thank you also TD for your kind comments. It just takes some time and patience to produce these and of course being fully retired is a big asset as well. The Milicast kit is a great starting point and with some TLC, can be turned into a nice little model.


  8. Smudger Jnr

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    I have to agree with Manuel and the other Forum Members comments on your work.

    I too like to see your work in such a small scale (for me) and stand in awe at your workmanship, especially the scrach built pieces.

    Simply marvellous to pour over the details that you lavish on your models.

  9. Neilie

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    Many thanks Tom for your appreciation also and now I feel I should share a couple more views each as they seem to be appreciated so much. Don't feel you have to respond further as what you all have said is reward enough.



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