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      11th Armoured Division, Tank Casualties, 1945

      23 Hussars

      Serial No.: D.38.

      Mark: -

      W.D. No.: 335088

      Date: 17 April 1945

      Photo No.: 37

      Figure Nos.: 30, 33
      11th Armoured Division, Tank Casualties, 1945

      Range: 200 yards

      Cause of Damage: A.P. (88 mm. Flak 44) penetration

      Fire Damage: Confined fire.

      Other tanks involved in same incident: D.37.

      Circumstances: Slowly approaching cross roads outside LUNEBURG, fired at by well camouflaged ground mounted 88 mm. Flak 44. Turret at 10.30 o'clock. Same incident as D.37.

      Position of Hit: Penetration about 100 mm. in diameter through lower front glacis plate, roughly centre of tank.

      Course & Effect of Projectiles: Went straight in dented the belly plate twice, a foot behind the front of the tank and again under the turret. Belly perforated in the latter position, but hole smaller than the round. Fire confined to the turret and front compartments.

      Remarks: Tank and gun seen. Tank was sealed so that detailed internal examination could not be made.

      Fate of Crew:
      Commander: Unhurt
      Gunner, Driver & Co-Driver: Killed.
      Operator: Superficial wound knee. 2 degree burns face and hands. RTD 4/52. Category A.1.
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