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      2nd Armoured Battalion Irish Guards, GAD, Tank Casualties, 1945

      2nd Battalion Irish Guards

      Serial No.: B.5.


      Mark: V c

      W.D. No.: 289489

      Date: 1 Apr 1945

      Photo No.: 17

      Figure Nos.: 21, 22
      2nd Armoured Battalion Irish Guards, GAD, Tank Casualties, 1945

      Range: 100 yds.

      Cause of Damage: A.P. (75 MM. Kw. K. 40) penetration and scoop.

      Fire Damage: Burnt out

      Other tanks involved in same incident: A.3 & A.20.

      Circumstances: Knocked out in the outskirts of Entschede, by Kw. K. 40, on a Czech chassis. Same incident as A.3 and A.20. Turret at 10 o’clock.

      Position of Hit: a) Hole 77 mm. diameter in part of the centre left bogie suspension, and scoop on side of hull below sponson. b ) Penetration 88 mm. diameter into left side of hull below sponson, jus tin front of engine bulkhead.

      Course & Effect of Projectiles: Shot a) injured no one. b ) wounded the Operator and went diagonally through engine bulkhead and across engine, through radiator into the right petrol tank, causing the tank to catch fire immediately. It bulged out the armour at the junction of roof and side of right sponson.

      Remarks: Tank seen. Information from Gunner of another tank in the same troop.

      Fate of Crew:
      Commander, Gunner and Driver: Unhurt.
      Operator: wounded - legs. Still in hospital 3 Dec 1945. Final Category not known.
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