Zonhulvern ? - (Operation "Garden")

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    Hi All,

    Not sure on the best place for this post but reading through the War Diary for 89 RE Field Coy, It has them recorded at being in a place called "Zonhulvern" from which they took prep/Recces out for "Operation Garden" and the location of a Barge Bridge at Nijmegen. They arrive at "Zonhulvern" Sept 16th 44 and leave around 24th passing through Eindhoven on 25th Sept arriving Nijmegen 26th to construct the barge bridge over River Waal.

    My issue is that "Zonhulvern" does not appear on Google? Any suggestions on where it might of been and why it has disappeared or have I simply missed something the two pages of the diary attached in case someone reads it differently.

    As ever open to any wisdom on the forum....
    Prior to "Zonhulvern" they were in Forges Les Eaux on route to Nijmegen



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    Thanks Owen,

    The one spelling combo I never came up with and it's in the right distance/area for the recces, also sits on the right line for where they were travelling to/from.

    I'll take Zonhoven and investigate further unless anyone can shed any other light?


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    Good to see you posting bits of the diary mate !
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    Thanks for copying and sending them, great service Andy.... i'm making a list of the ones required next!!
    Will post further details of the diaries once I have taken the info I need to organise the trip with father. Still have some missing pieces but close to 90% there now!!

    With the help from everyone on the forum I have found 90% of the details my father has been trying to find when he started to look in 1988 and I think i'm only in week three!! I will thank all by reposting details for others once I have got my head around all the info that I now have.

    Now onto Minden where I believe that photo was taken...........
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    Well Zonhoven it is!

    Maybe check the "Sister" Coy 90 RE War diary for the same period before asking the question??:lol:

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    i am from the history group ww2 of Zonhoven can i have the info also .

    Thank you
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    I find that spelling and grammar in some war diaries was pretty awful. Those who wrote them seem to struggle with English so if when another language was thrown into the mix, what came out was not exactly correct at times, which I suspect happened with your town there.
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    i now that problem i am doing a rembering in my town from 9 september 2015 till 28 september 2015 and i am still searching for information about it .Kindly regards Kevin
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    i there some body that can help me for these war diary to copy

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