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  1. Adam VE

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    Hi Everyone,

    Looking for some information for my girlfriend's great grandfather, when he was discharged from the Army he was awarded 5.1 medals/clasps/ribbons.

    I have very limited information I have but if anyone can be of assistance be very much appreciated.

    Serial Number: 3854705
    Surname: Yates

    He served with the Royal Artillery but we are unsure of his regiment.
  2. 4jonboy

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    Hi Adam

    Lots of members are familiar with Royal Artillery; probably be along soon:). Which medals did he get?

    We always mention to new members that the best start is to apply for service records from the MOD. Bit of a wait at the moment but well worth the 30 quid. You've got the service number so should be easy for them to find.
    Get a copy of military service records

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  3. Owen

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  4. Adam VE

    Adam VE Member

    Thanks, Owen, that's a very good thread for reference!

    Just had a quick look at the Loyal's and they definitely saw some action.
  5. Adam VE

    Adam VE Member

    Hi Lesley!

    thanks for letting me know about the MOD be sure to have a look at that!

    We only have this left of his discharge paper's which is alien to myself unless some of you all have experience with them.

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  6. dbf

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    He could've been in a converted unit.
    Converted units: WW2

    Copy Records are definitely the way to go.

    That's a medal award slip which accompanied campaign medals & ribbons in post, after soldiers applied for them.
    WW2 Campaign Stars & Medals info thread
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  7. Adam VE

    Adam VE Member

    Brilliant thanks very much!

    Noticed two regiments from the Loyal's that were converted into Light AA. Fingers crossed the copy records don't take very long to come.
  8. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    7 Loyals were converted into 92 LAA Regiment. Forum Member Tmac's Father served in both units. He has written a book about them.

    8 Loyals were converted into 93 LAA Regiment.
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