ww2 war record, help with deciphering please

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  1. Heb52

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    help with deciphering


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  2. Heb52

    Heb52 53rd

    hi , could you help with working out abbrivations, thanks


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  3. RCG

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    Looks pretty straight forward to me.
    But a lot missing from the post.
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    birchall52. It appears that you have started 2 threads with the same title and the same person, hopefully the mods can move it to one thread.
    It just makes things easier for those of us, who would like to help you, to view all the relevant information in one place.
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    The accompanying files uploaded are different: the other thread is the first page of the records, this thread is the second.
    It would be helpful if they could be merged.
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    Record one.

    The numbers in column A. are just the order numbers for the movement of troops.

    WEF with effect from.

    RW. Royal Warrant a term in Kings regulation stating how much pay was deducted per time of absence

    WOAS Whilst on active service, training is classed as active service.

    24th (Lon) London. General Hospital was at Campbell College Belfast 8/40 to 4/44 then went to Scarborough

    Y List.

    The army ruling at the time was that if a soldier had been in hospital for 21 days or more he was put on the Y-list; which meant that when he became fit for duty he was sent to a holding unit and then could be sent to any unit other than his own.

    Record 2.

    3/6/44. Embarked UK to NWE. North West Europe.

    30/10/44 wounded Admitted to hospital from X(ii) list.

    X(ii) list. All ranks evacuated on medical grounds beyond Regimental first aid post.

    Discharged 30 British General Hospital, may have been at Lille.

    Helgafell Iceland 1/42 to 6/44 (detachment of hospital); Lille France 1/45 to 6/45

    15/1/45 X(iv) Taken on Strength from X(ii)

    X(iv) list consists of all unposted reinforcements or incoming reinforcements.

    Then went to a couple of RHU Reinforcement units.

    Downgraded from A1 to C1 medical Category.

    A – fit for general service at home and abroad,
    B – unfit for general service abroad but fit for base or
    garrison service at home and abroad,
    C – fit for home service only.

    Posted to X(v) 10 H & SC not sure what that is but as X(v) list if for those attending instruction and schools I suspect it something to do with that.

    Then SOS Struck of Strength X(iv)

    1/11/45 went to 94 British General Hospital Hamburg.

    Changed lists again then back to X(i)

    X(i) list all ranks to fill vacancies in authorised war establishments of a Head quarters or an extra regimental unit such as a base depot, school etc.

    Had another medical and classed as B1.

    Then sent home for demob.

    BAOR. British Army On the Rhine.
  7. Heb52

    Heb52 53rd

    thanks fo decipering, sending missing ones.my father ended up in lubeck. meesen barracks ,looking after displaced persons . here is a photo in meesen.can you tell by the uniforms what regiment.
  8. Heb52

    Heb52 53rd

    CNV00047.JPG . im having problem sending records from my gmail account. ive downloaded onto computer but cannot upload , i will try tomrrow in the library
  9. RCG

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    By the badges it would appear to be different regiments.
    As it is a DP camp then various trades would be required to run it.
    And as Europe was in turmoil with all these camps everywhere then I would imagine that those in command would have to beg, borrow or steal men, who were spare from any regiment.
  10. Heb52

    Heb52 53rd

    Thanks. Can you tell me which regt.s in the photo . my father got wounded 30th Oct 44 . he was a driver/op . when he embarked on the 3rd of June 44 .he was in the 6th field regiment RA . before that he was with the 83rd regt/460bty as a gnr/sigs . But when embarked was gnr . did you see the records I sent? .some more to follow. Thanks
  11. RCG

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    The badges are too indistinct to identify.
  12. Heb52

    Heb52 53rd

    my father was wounded on the 30th sept 1944 with the 6th field regiment royal artillery. was these on the list in the same area . thanks

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  13. Heb52

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    service and casualty form

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  14. Heb52

    Heb52 53rd

    hi, my fathers unit or corps was 26 DPAC, also RA field 260 ,cmao
  15. Giberville

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    Can you tell me where the list of wounded came from (file labelled 'casualty records')? Very interesting in gaining access to this.
  16. Heb52

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    hi ,go to your local library. in the familly and history room, and you can go on the FIND MY PAST for free, heb52

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