WW2 veteran Wilf Shaw interview, 6th Green Howards, 50 Div

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  1. paulcheall

    paulcheall Son of a Green Howard

    Members may like to know that I recently had coffee with Wilf Shaw. He's 96 and still going strong. I've posted my recording of the chat on YouTube along with various pics of Wilf's and some others. Please see the link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIJULvwSwaM. The "show" is about an hour long but well worth seeing through to the end I feel.

    Wilf fought pretty much throughout the whole war in many campaigns including fighting for Monty’s 8th army in Alamein, Wadi Akarit in Tunisia, the Sicily invasion and of course Normandy. He was wounded twice and still returned to battle. He was in the same regiment as my late Dad and fought in many of the same battles, so speaking to Wilf is the next best thing to chatting to my Dad.

    A rare and rewarding opportunity to hear Wilf's memories, sometimes tragic, often hilarious.

    I will apologise for the background noise but I don't feel it spoils the listener's enjoyment. Also, do bear in mind that not all the photos relate to the topic under discussion - they often do but not always.


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    Thanks for posting Paul. Looking forward to listening to it tonight. It was the Green Howard's that came to the rescue when the 5th East York's were pinned down in Bemmel in Oct '44 (when my Dad was injured). Not sure whether it was the 6th Greens, would have to look back the 5th's diary. Regardless, I'll still listen to Wilf's story.
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    Hi Paul

    Well done.
    Ah yes, I heard all about your visit to Manchester :). (And yes, the café in Debenhams can be quite noisy :wink:.)​
    Wilf was very pleased to finally meet you at last, after years of corresponding with him.
    He told me that he didn't even realise you were interviewing him-he felt like it was just a normal conversation.

    I will be meeting him in the same place tomorrow, so I'll tell him it's on the forum.

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  4. Lotus7

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    Thanks for the posting Paul

  5. paulcheall

    paulcheall Son of a Green Howard

    Hi Lesley - many thanks.
    Well, it was more of a chat really but I did have a prepared list of topics and questions because I didn't just want to talk about the weather in Oldham! It was great to meet Wilf and I think we'll be meeting again as I have thought of all sorts of other questions to ask him. But the overall chat was around two hours so this was the edited version! Wilf has seen the pre-release version and I haven't really changed much since then. Yes, Debenhams was awful really but thankfully it didn't get so loud as to spoil the result. In some ways I think it felt more relaxing so hopefully brought out the best in Wilf. He had so many funny stories to tell - the best was at the end about the latrine!
    Give Wilf my regards Lesley.

  6. paulcheall

    paulcheall Son of a Green Howard

    My pleasure!
    I looked up the Bemmel incident in the Story of the Green Howards by Synge and if I'm right the incident you refer to was on 23 Sept 44 when the 6/7 Green Howards together with some Americans drove some Germans back who had cut off the 5EY "with heavy losses".
  7. LesEvansLlanelli

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    Hi Paul
    Loved listening to your interview with Mr Will Shaw thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  8. paulcheall

    paulcheall Son of a Green Howard

    Thanks so much for that feedback Jean - it's the first I've had so very much appreciated. I loved it too but I'm biased! I wish I could have got rid of the background noise but hoped it wouldn't spoil it for people, but Wilf did us proud with his wonderful stories. I'm hoping to meet him again over the next few months because there is a load more to discuss. I recently loaded the interview onto itunes aswell so you can now download it and listen offline, along with three other podcasts I've done. Just go to https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ww2-fighting-through-from/id624581457?mt=2. Or you can listen at my web site at http://www.fightingthrough.co.uk/#/podcast-war-diary-story-book-2/4592678181.
    Thanks again for the feedback!


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