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    STEVEN Senior Member

    Originally posted by Dee@Apr 27 2004, 03:24 PM

    I wonder if they were one in the same orchestra? I was 17 when I saw Herb Miller at the Coliseum at Carlyon Bay in Cornwall. I can't find it at the moment but I do remember buying the album and having it signed personally by Herb, he was such a lovely chap (it must be with some of the bits and pieces still at my mum and dad's).

    Given the differences in our ages,i think we must have seen the Glen Miller Orchestra within 2 years of each other.I do remember them saying in the programme that they toured every year.So i reckon we have seen the same Orchestra.

    Steven :)
  2. Stuart Brown

    Stuart Brown Junior Member

    Listened to Pennsylvania 6 5000 and then Churchill.
  3. Dee

    Dee Member

    Receiving loud and clear, the only problem i'm having is intermittent breaking up.

    I am on broadband but unfortunately the station said I only have 56kbps available and need 63?

    Does this mean if I wanted to do a live broadcast I would be breaking up? :unsure:
  4. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Strange, I am alos on broadband but its a 1MB line, what is yours, I specifically selected a low stream to ensure even 56k dial up users can listen without it breaking up, I will look into this and come back to you shortly but let me know what broadband line you have in the meantime.
  5. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then


    try it now, I hvae reduced the stream to 32k.
  6. Dee

    Dee Member


    I signed up for a 512kbps service (the 10x faster than normal dial up 56k modem) but never appear to get it.

    The radio has also now disappeared completely :(

  7. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    I did just restart the service on the 32k stream thats probably why it disappeared, but it is now playing
  8. Dee

    Dee Member

    Just tried logging back into the Listening set up and I have been waiting 5 mins for the music to start and am still faced with a blank page. To be fair I think it is my internet connection or the website itself, I have noticed that my speed is dependant on the sites I visit.

    I am going to go out and come back in and see if that will help.
  9. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Your not on NTL in the UK are you, I have noted my connection is going really slow at the moment.
  10. Dee

    Dee Member

    No i'm using Tiscali in UK and certainly wouldn't recommend them as an ISP.

    Logged out and back in clicked on the 'play' button, still waiting for set up and currently downloading at 144B/s (now waited 4min 50s), yet I can download this website in a fraction of the time.
  11. Dee

    Dee Member

    Just tried to refresh and can't access it at all now i'm just looking at a pretty blue screen. <_<

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  12. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    hmm, I can suggest its connected to your ISP, I can access the live365 site and connect within seconds, so it cant be them.

    Never used Tiscali but these things happen sometimes, but by the sounds of it you get your fair share of problems with them.

    Ntl are not the greatest as far as support/customer service is concerned but in honesty I have had just two breaks in service over 3 years.
  13. Dee

    Dee Member

    Yes, I have that feeling too - it's the same with a lot of sites, unfortunately where we live we can't get either telewest or ntl, we have been trying to change ISP for a while but I need the initial passcode given to me when I set up the account and despite several requests to have it mailed to me I'm still waiting!!

    Customer service/support - bah humbug I think is their motto, they moved it to India! :D
  14. Dee

    Dee Member

    Woo hoo....a few tweaks and it's working......
  15. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Originally posted by Dee@Apr 29 2004, 09:37 PM
    Woo hoo....a few tweaks and it's working......
    What did you do?
  16. Dee

    Dee Member

    Tweaked my account on the 365 live site (listening settings). :D
  17. STEVEN

    STEVEN Senior Member


    Don't know if i'm doing anything wrong,but i've registered but can't get the station at all.Even when it's on air,if i click on "Play" it says station not available.I've only got 32kbps available,is that my problem ??.

    Steven :huh:
  18. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then


    It maybe is your connection, I have reduced the audio to FM32 try it now and see if that helps.

  19. STEVEN

    STEVEN Senior Member


    That worked,sort of.Takes an age to download and then is continually cutting out,more silence than Broadcast !!

    Steven :huh:
  20. Ian S

    Ian S Member

    Working for me :)

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