WW2 Jeep Div unit signs. markings. numbers

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  1. morrisc8

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    I have this photo of a jeep with these markings on any one know what there are. TCF

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  2. Owen

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    Yellow Cross with 3 pointy bits on top of shield = 8th Army.
  3. KevinT

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    Troop Commander F Troop?


  4. morrisc8

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    Here is the photos of the jeep with its camo paint on, you dont often see a british army jeep in camo paint. The jeep has " The Duchess " on the windscreen.

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  5. Rich Payne

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    Those are smashing pictures, Keith. Thanks for sharing them. His smile and the 'To Peter, Love Dad' script really do reinforce the idea of ordinary blokes called upon to do extraordinary things. I wonder how old Peter was ? I can only imagine how thrilled he was to receive those photographs of a father he probably hadn't seen for several years...
  6. Trux

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    I think F Troop is right, which would suggest a Field Regiment RA. However I cannot find TC on any list I have. The troop would normally have 2 officers. The Troop Commander has the prefix R so would be RF. The second officer was normally the Troop Leader and has the prefix TL, making TLF. Perhaps 8th Army did things differently


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