WW2 British Army Blood Transfusion Unit number 4 [BTU]

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    Here are some original photos i have of a a British Army Blood Transfusion Unit number 4 [BTU], they were taken by one of the doctors in the unit.
    The first few photos show a Blood Transfusion Unit working in the western desert taking blood from the troops used as donors , so they can have a store of preserved blood, that could be sent when needed to the casualty clearing stations in the forward areas, where many lives were to be saved and the use in base hospitals.
    Can anyone help with more info on the photos unit sign. vampire bat, and you can see some info on the boxes in the background on some of the photos.

    photo 1 Troops giving blood North Africa 1942
    photo 2 Captured german Bussing-NAG truck used as a mobile blood unit. North Africa
    photo 3 Doctor having a break by captured truck, german Bussing-NAG you can see a vampire bat unit sign. North Africa
    photo 4 Troops giving blood. North Africa
    photo 5 4 BTU trucks in North Africa, you can see the bat unit sign on the back.
    photo 6 Staff having a tea break in north west europe [ NWE ] you can see red cross in background.
    photo 7 btu trucks on the move. NWE
    photo 8 New base camp, with captured german trucks and cars. NWE.
    photo 9 BTU truck with crew. NWE
    5 btu.jpg 4 BTU captured german truck. blood jpg.jpg 4 BTU captured german truck.jpg 4 BTU  staff .jpg 4 BTU  trucks .jpg 4 BTU  staff lunch truck .jpg 4 BTU  trucks in town  .jpg 4 BTU  camp huts .jpg 4 BTU red cross truck .jpg
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    Similar appears in this advert and the photo from which it was taken.

    A 1940 C4399507 C.7353 b.jpg

    A 1940 C4399507  C.7353.jpg
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    vampire bat unit sign = taking blood.
    More photos in NWE. photos look like they have been taken in a ex german camp or pow camp
    4 BTU  camp huts 1 .jpg 4 BTU  doctor .jpg 4 BTU  huts .jpg 4 BTU captured german truck 2.jpg
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