WW2 Bomb Disposal 'The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl'

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    Hi everyone, just to let you know my book 'The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl', the biography of 20th Earl of Suffolk 7 Berkshire, GC, has now been published by Pen & Sword, military publishers. Please go to : http://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/The-Civilian-Bomb-Disposing-Earl-Hardback/p/7855 for more information.
    The Earl, Jack Howard, was a unique man - born into the House of Howard, with hundreds of years of ancestry behind him, he was sent by the British government to Paris on a very Top Secret mission to bring back a most precious commodity - heavy water - under strenuous conditions at the beginning of WW2. Later, he headed the first and only Scientific Research Experimental field unit of its kind and became its chief field research and experimental officer. He and his chauffeur and secretary became known as the Holy Trinity, and along with his team of Royal Engineers Full size cover of Jack's book courtesy of John B.jpg successfully defused 34 bombs. Jack Howard, a scientist, undertook many experiments on fuses. He believed that it took a few good men to learn how to defuse them so that many others may live.
    My contact details are: www.kerinfreeman.webs.com or kerf@slingshot.co.nz
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    Thanks for the info Kerry, I'll drop a big hint, when asked what I would like for Xmas prezzy.


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