Writing unit numbers with Arabic and Roman numerals

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  1. According to the Pamphlet "24th Lancers" is the correct full title to use, but "24L" is not the authorized abbreviation. "24 L" is ;)
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    Just thought this might be interesting to some here. Following twitter chat on whether corps should be referred to with Roman numerals, the fellow behind the Crusader Project blog wrote about it with reference to primary material:

    Editorial Note – Numbering/Naming Corps and Units
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    Cheers for that.
    Missed it before.
    I always thought it was arabic numerals for a Division , Roman numerals for a Corps , the number as a word for an Army.
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    I think my idea in the post above comes from when I was reading alot more books on The Great War, here's an extract from The Guards Div history.
    Units denoted as I mentioned above.
    First Army in words
    XI Corps in Roman numerals.
    3rd Cavalry Division in arabic numerals.

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