Worcestershire Regiment in Italy

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    I am conducting research into the men on the King’s School Worcester war memorials The intention is to produce a commemorative book to mark the end of WW1. I am looking to find details of how men were killed and if possible obtain a photograph of the individual. Could anyone help with the following casualty?
    GILSON, Eric Louis Rawlinson Captain 130335 Worcestershire Regiment buried CORIANO RIDGE WAR CEMETERY, Italy 28 died 16/10/1944
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    Sorry have I missed something here , the book is to commemerate the end of WW1 but you are asking for details os someone who died in WW2 (1944 to be precise) ??????

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    I can get you that photo but I will not be in the cemetery until 21 Apr 18. I suspect that he was a Staff Officer because no formed units of the Worcestershire Regiment were on Op OLIVE - the attack on the Gothic Line.


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    Hi TD
    To clarify - Since no book exists detailing the men on the two memorials we are aiming to produce one. Since the end of WW1 will be commemorated this year it would seem a good point at which to produce such a book, hence the research into WW2
    (P.S. Will future generations view them as two distinct wars or will they be seen as two parts of the same conflict?)

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