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    I'm currently in the process of stripping back an old box which I've had for a number of years, prior to repainting and then utilising as a general storage box.

    It measures 24" x 12" x 10.5" approx. and is very well made with an opening hinged top, metal carrying handles and metal reinforcing plates on the corners. On one end, impressed into the wood there are a couple of broad Arrow marks visible, with a manufacturers name and date (unfortunately much less decipherable) - can just about make out the date numbers of 194? - the last number not legible. The original first paint colour seems to be a blue-grey, on the lid top there are also the painted remains of what looks like large letters VAA (?) - and also in one corner is an original small brass plate, there are also a couple of holes with countersunk brass ferrules which would have presumably allowed the lid to be screwed down and secured.

    A quick search online has a couple of results with similar boxes which are described as 'RAF ground crew tool chests', I just wondered if anyone on here had any further thoughts as to its possible origin/usage.

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    Many thanks for that, I had a look at the reference links and they confirm the aircraft component manufacture/supply connection which was interesting to read about. I plan to repaint the box in its original colours and then use for storage of other small WW2 related items in my collection.

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