Wondering who this German officer is.

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    Here it is. click for larger pic.

  2. Rommel did take the surrender of the French that were left in St Valery, however his biggest prize was taking almost the entire 51st Highland Div. The 51st who were left in the north by Churchill to keep the French fighting, finally surrendered by General Fortune to Rommel some 6 days after the Dunkirk evacuation. Note the 51st was reformed via the 9th and later arrived in Africa (Rommel was not happy). John.
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    It's not Schraepler as his profile doesnt match.
    See post #15.
    Cheers for scanning.
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    You must have the same pics as me mate-Good aren't they?

    I posted the one of the BEF marching up the with the Royal Navy Officer-I was intrigued who he was and we ID'd him. IIRC his POW Q is at the National Maritime Museum and I emailed them for a copy.....No reply. :(

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