Womens Sniper Unit

Discussion in 'Special Forces' started by clancelot, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. clancelot

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    I've heard of a women's sniper unit during ww2 but know little about it. Anyone have info
  2. Rommel

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    If anyone had it was most likely the Soviets or the Germans
    (late in the war and when manpower became short)
  3. Herroberst

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    I've heard of a women's sniper unit during ww2 but know little about it. Anyone have info

    Nina Lobkovskaya and Ludmila Pavlichenko had over 600 kills combined during WWII
  4. ErikH

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    Wow... 600 people, can you imagine what that must have been like...
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    If you want something doing properly, ask a woman to do it...
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    There were some French Woman snipers.Those that had been married to the Germans. Our men found they were being fired at from behind. Those women got very short thrift!

    Not much talked about for friendship reasons..
  8. Wise1

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    Interesting, I never gave any thought to that of Women Snipers during the war, but by the sounds of it thye did better than most men.
  9. SSGMike.Ivy

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  10. Cpl Rootes

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    Due to problems in finding the manpower to fullfil military and industrial tasks, the Soviet Govenment recruited some 7.75 million women, of whom 800,000 served in the military. Sniping was a precision role which many women soldiers performed with expertise.

    Soviet snipers were issued one-peice overalls to wear over their normal uniforms. However during the war these overalls were often camouflaged, especially for snipers.

    The overalls had a khakai base with green foliage patterns. A large hood and soft cap would cover the face when in hiding. Some overalls had strips of cloth sown into the shoulders and sleeves to break up the outline.

    The sniper's weapon wasthe 7.62 (0.3 in) Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 Rifle.
  11. Ivan1

    Ivan1 "Take this!!!"

    If there ever was such unit in WW2, it was most likely belonging to the Red Army.

    As for the number of kills, where do they come from? Soviet post-war sources? I'm sure the soviet women snipers did an excellent job thoughout the war, but such big numbers need an exact source to approve it.

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