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  1. The Guardroom

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    Researching a Pte J Hunt who was killed 27th Dec 1944 and buried in Brunssum War Cem.
    Found that both the 4th and 5th Wilts served in the 129th Inf Bde in Holland during the Ardennes battle.

    Is anyone able to tell me which of these Bn's Hunt would most likley have been with and where when KIA.

    Many thanks,
  2. Donnie

    Donnie Remembering HHWH

    Name:HUNT, JOHN
    Nationality:United Kingdom
    Regiment/Service:Wiltshire Regiment
    Date of Death:27/12/1944
    Service No:14770278
    Additional information:Son of William George and Ethel Rachel Hyde Hunt, of Winnersh, Berkshire.

  3. Philip Reinders

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    Best change would be checking WDs of both Battalions
  4. Donnie

    Donnie Remembering HHWH

    Or contacting the Wiltshire Regiment museum


    They hold extensive records on soldiers.....would you like me to check the war diaries for that day?

  5. The Guardroom

    The Guardroom Senior Member

    Yes please Donnie, that would be a great help if you could check the WD.
    I have had a look at the Rifles website but only WW1 diaries there.
  6. Donnie

    Donnie Remembering HHWH

    ok mate...will do...i will try tommorow.

  7. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I've got both War Diaries upstairs will just have a quick look.

    4th Bn 27/12/44
    Russon Belgium
    Advance party moves off for a new area NE of Maastricht(K55).
    Bn location to be area K6657.
    Bn coln arrives in new location about mid-day.
    Bn established AALBEEK (6757)

    5th Bn 27/12/44
    Tongres, Belgium
    0745hrs: Explosion of ? [written as ? in diary] 75 HAWKINS grenades in 'C' Coy area at operational post.
    1 man killed , 2 slighty injured.
    0900 hrs : Explosion in 'A' Coy area caused by ? flying bomb.
    2 men killed.
    Bn move from area Tongres.
    1300hrs: Bn HQ est area WIJNANSRADE [sic] [WIJNANDSRADE] 698578- NORTH EAST of MASSTRICHT,
    'A' Coy HQ est HOLLEBREEK 708588,
    'B' Coy ESSCHEN 739872 ,
    'C' Coy KESTEEL 727561,
    'D' Coy ZWEIR 710579,
    'S' Coy RETERSBEEK 720564
    Bde HQ est 678564

    so I'd say John Hunt served & died with the 5th Bn.

    ok mate...will do...i will try tommorow.


    IIRC aren't there some Battalion Rolls of Honour on the wall of one of the Galleries at The Wardrobe?
    Could you have a check there?
  8. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Just used Geoff's Search engine to look for " Wiltshire Regiment " on 27/12/1944.
    Geoff's Search Engine
    Have 4 results.

    001 ALLAM, HHR 14753122 27/12/1944
    002 FRENCH, SL 6017703 27/12/1944
    003 GLOVER, G 5351838 27/12/1944
    004 HUNT, J 14770278 27/12/1944

    The first three are listed as 5th Bn men.
    Another two are buried in same cemetery as Hunt.
    Allam is in grave next to Hunt.
    So I wonder if those two died at same time?

    edit in 2021: i have both battalions histories. He is listed in the Roll of Honour in the 5th Bn one.
  9. The Guardroom

    The Guardroom Senior Member

    Thanks again Owen, thats great info
  10. englandphil

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