William Reynolds executed 1944

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    Was not sure what forum to place this in, but i am wondering if the above man received any Honours for his actions, i enclose a very brief and interesting outline of his WW2 actions, i have seen the Belgian site but it does not mention any honours.

    Trooper William Reynolds Ex-16th Lancers. age 53 Murdered by Germans 1944

    William had served in the 16th Lancers during WW1, and after moved to Belgium, were he kept a boarding house, when WW2 started he moved to Brussels and worked as a Butler. However that was his day job, as during the night, he worked with helping British servicemen to escape, and ran a spying ring, sending back information to England. He worked for the Comte line and other organisations against the Nazis but along with others he was betrayed to the Germans in 1942 by a Englishwoman and was arrested, he was tortured and interrogated for 16 months by the Gestapo but never betrayed anyone.

    On the 24th of January 1944 at Brandenburg Prison he was tried and executed. One other prisoner present said, when the President of the Court announced the death sentence, he asked William if he had anything to say. He answered. "I regret nothing i have done. Long Live England"

    His body was returned to Belgium, like i say just a brief account of a brave man.
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    It looks as though, had he lived, he would have been awarded the King’s Medal for Courage in the Cause of Freedom. However this could not be awarded posthumously so his widow simply received a level 4 Certificate of Appreciation (Tedder Certificate).

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    Thank you very much for this.
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    There is a very good source relating to WW2 Belgium resistance here with an article on William Reynolds.


    Examples of bravery and moral courage abound within this excellent website
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    Although the dates suggest otherwise I wonder whether this file might associated to your enquiries

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    Thank you, sorry for late reply, only just returned to site, yes i think thats great will set about getting this, when things return to nearer normality, again thank you and sorry for late reply.

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