William Pratt Paul, 93rd (A&SH) AT Regiment

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    Hi all,

    I have several times consulted the regimental history of the 93rd but I am unclear on what position the author held within the Regiment during the war. Does anyone know?

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    I have found that he authored two general books on Scottish regiments on the web. Based on the fact that he does not list a rank, as do the other authors in the A&SH regimental history series, I might assume that he was not military. I have the 93rd AT history in hand and also do not see any information on the author.
  3. Chris C

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    There are some things in the 93rd's history which made me think he was in the unit, although I suppose this could have been an authorial style? Bolding mine.

    "It seemed to us that certain 'high-ups' had taken the first carriage that came to hand and hashed up a weapon that was certainly not battle-worthy."
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    Can't find any record of military service but it appears he was a journalist based in Aberdeen in the early 1960's; he has articles published in 1960, and wrote a series of three articles in the Aberdeen Evening Express on the Highland Brigade in early 1961.
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  6. Chris C

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    Ok, that's really interesting! And I guess that the perspective expressed was that of Kerr and McCallum for the regiment. Thanks!

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