Who landed at Queen beach, Sword Beach

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  1. sliben

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    Does anyone know what unit landed at Queen Green beach on Sword beach during D-Day.

    If anyone does, do you have the war diary for that unit fro D-Day.



    Any information would be really helpful.
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    My company opened up the beach with a mine and enemy free path to the road beyond.Three assault teams trained for that task. There were a great many units under command of the Third British Infantry division.... Monty's Iron sides
    Queen red and Queen white of Sword beach White for the white rose of East Yorkshire and red for the South Lancashire. .Was Green used at all?
  4. sliben

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    Do you know at all, if the East Yorkshire or South Lancashire moved in the area between Lion Sur mer and Hermanville Sur Mer.


  5. Owen

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  6. Ben,

    What are you looking for precisely? Your questions are much too broad in scope and do not allow us to be of much help...

    No unit was planned to land on QUEEN GREEN Beach on D Day. However, a number af landing craft did touch down there, because of the congestion on the other two beaches. These landing craft and the units they carried are too numerous too list here, so please refine your question.

    Again, what do you want to know? Which "area between Lion sur Mer and Hermanville" do you have in mind? As you must know these two Communes are contiguous, and near this limit was the main road leading inland from the beach, so again, most units landing in SWORD Area would probably have been in this area at some point.

    As Sapper said above, the South Lancs were alloted QUEEN WHITE, i.e. the Western part of the landing area, so this area you mention was supposedly their responsibility.

    Please tell us what you're after, and then maybe we can help.

  7. Sheldrake

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    Queen Green was a bit too rocky to be used as a landing beach.
  8. Mikal

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    Here's a little bit based on the diary of Major Clifford, A Sqn, 22nd Dragoons. They beat the DDs ashore due to the weather.

    Assault wave

    Queen Red (East to West) by lane

    Lt. Allen
    Sgt Wood
    Sgt Cochrane
    Lt Boal

    Queen White (East to West) by lane

    Lt Robertson
    Sgt Turner
    Sgt Smythe
    Lt Knapp

    Then landing at 10.28hrs

    Queen Red (East to West) by lane

    79 Sqdn -Maj Hanson RE
    Lt Mundy

    Queen White (East to West) by lane

    Maj. Clifford
    77 Sqdn OC
    Lt Sadler (with Capt Wheway as G/Op)
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    My father, a tank driver with B Squadron 13/18 Royal Hussars (QMO) landed his DD tank on Queen Red, Sword beach. I know he launched 5000 yds from shore from one of 3 LCT's (106-443, 107-464 or 108-455). I am seeking the actual LCT. The problem is I am not sure of his his tank number, I think it was 56, but I am not certain. Can anyone help?
  10. Hello Garry,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Maybe telling us your father's full name would help us try and answer your question :D.

    Also, any other piece of information you may have about him (rank on D Day, Service Number, ...), his tank, fellow crew members (especially the tank commander), Troop Leader, photos etc. would help.

    May I also ask how you know he was in one of these three LCT, and not on the fourth?


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